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Businesses have been filing GST returns for over four years now. While compliance is the main purpose, the granularity and spread of details captured in your GST return filing make it a rich data mine. From invoice-level details to aggregate information and from a single GSTIN to the business PAN as a whole, the GST data if analyzed, can be a valuable asset to the C-Suite for decision-making and efficient tracking of business.


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Power Your Business Decisions with Best GST Return Filing Software Firms are filing GST returns for more than four decades now. While compliance is your principal function the granularity and spread of information recorded on your GST return filing ensure it is a rich information mine. By invoice-level information to aggregate data and from one GSTIN into the company PAN as a whole the GST information if examined can be an important asset to the C-Suite for efficient and decision-making monitoring of company. Data Analysis and Far More with IRIS Sapphire IRIS Sapphire a GST Software of IRIS GST a top GST Suvidha Supplier offers this necessary intellect for your compliance processes. It delivers a palette of reports and insights covering functionality at company and GSTIN degree distinct viewpoints of information and cross-validation of information registered in various yields i.e. GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A GSTR-2B Designed to coincide with the demands of employees at different levels in the company hierarchy IRIS Sapphire presents many data insights helpful in decision-making. We enlist some here: Dashboard View: Its possible to find a bird-eye view of your whole GST Compliance from the Dashboard. The Dashboard view offers you the capability to filter the information within a specified period around 6 weeks and download the created report in .csv format. The dashboard generates data from the information readily available on the chosen GSTIN or even Pan if no GSTIN is chosen . The reports available in your dashboard would be as follows: 1. Outward Taxable Supplies: Monthly Outward Supply outline generated in the GSTR 3B form.

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2. Gross Tax Liability: Gross Tax liable about the chosen GSTIN or even the whole PAN if no GSTIN is chosen . 3. Settlement of Tax Liabilities: Quick and assessed view of this settlement of your tax liabilities. If if IGST/CGST/SGST or cess isnt applicable on the specified GSTIN or PAN you can deselect the various tax bar and conceal the various column. Quick View: Your Dashboard also offers you a fast overview of this No. Of all GSTINs Outward Supplies RCM Inward Supplies and RCM Payments.

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Compliance Tracker MIS: The compliance tracker supplies you with a fast overview in addition to a comprehensive report according to your own compliance history. To assess your compliance history Click the Compliance Tracker tab on the top right corner Select the desired report in the follows: 1. GST Session Status: Check the status of your present GST session. 2. GST Return Filing Background: Examine the GST Return Filing background for your inward and outward supplies. 3. GST Filing status Summary and Detailed report: To get a fast overview of your GST Return filing status you can pick the tab. The comprehensive report tab offers you the choices to pick theReturn Type andDocument Type and find the in depth filing status of your returns. You may even select multiple file type in accordance with your requirements and download the created report.

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This feature highlights the filing status of your GSTINs segments and yields of information thats registered through IRIS. This Can Help You to identify any gaps and guarantee completion of this return filing process Business Intelligence and Analytics Module: At the upcoming month were also likely to integrate thorough insights to each of your crucial GST info. With more than 35 report modules which slit your GST information into easy-to-consume reports suited to the C-suites. These reports amount up your whole compliance process predicated on your yields that will assist you examine your information like never before. All these widgets are being made to Supply you with a comprehensive analysis of data for example • Overview of Outward Supplies • Comparative Evaluation of GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B • Top 10 Counterparties • Evaluation of ITC Input tax credit • Advance Taxes and Adjustments • Tax payment and Breakup etc.. Whats more in the not too distant future the program will bring into a package of information driven by self-learning algorithms which may mine the sales invoice and get information to answer key business questions. Designed to operate in a huge data surroundings manner and the program can combine extra information such as accounts receivables from bookkeeping methods to derive company insights that maximize working capital management and aid from the procurement decision process. What can you do should Compliance reporting isnt via IRIS Sapphire In the event the compliance reporting of GST return filings is managed through other means like direct filing on the GSTN portalsite IRIS Sapphires BI and Analytics module nonetheless empowers preparation of certain reports by pulling the registered data from GSTN. What can you do with IRIS reports

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With international boundaries decreasing disruptive technologies becoming a part of company processes and regulations getting tighter and tighter by the day the compliance function is taking front seat in company decisions. And for that assessing and preparation each and every measure of fiscal decisions is essential. Using IRIS Sapphires comprehensive reports and insights all of the power is to you personally. • Aided Decision making. • 360° Business View. • Inward and Outward Supply Analysis. • GSTIN degree management and a whole lot more. So power your company with IRIS Sapphires Reports and Evaluation since they say"Data is your brand new Oil" IRIS Sapphire endorsed with easy GST Return Filing and GST Compliance solution Business Intelligence and Seamless integration is here to assist you with all of your GST related issues. To find out more about GST compliance using IRIS Sapphire write to us supportirisgst.com.