The Role Of Lubricants In The Wire Drawing Process

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The Role Of Lubricants In The Wire Drawing Process Summary: ​After all these points the most important functions of the lubricant involves the maintenance of lubricity between the wire and the die. Wire drawing is the art of metalworking procedure in which the wire is passed through a number of dies in order to reduce its cross-sectional area with the help of various wire drawing machines. The most important elements in the wire drawing process are lubricants and die which basically determines the efficiency and quality of the produced wire. Wire drawing has a number of applications like in cables electric wiring springs paper clips wheels tension loaded structural components etc. Wire drawing is also known as a cold working process because the drawing is performed at the preferable room temperature. Lubrication is a very important task in the wire drawing process and the wire drawing lubricants manufacturers in India ​ ​performs it with special care to produce the best quality of the produced wire. Wire drawing is basically a procedure in order to draw a large diameter wire through a small diameter hole thereby reducing the diameter but the volume remains unaltered. The process of wire drawing comprises of a number of steps like shrinking hammering filing rolling and swaging. A drawing tie is used for this work and the dies are placed horizontally to the die hole of several machines and the proper mechanism is applied to draw the wire while keeping the system clean cool as well as moving. Material properties get altered due to cold working. In the case of smaller wires the area reduction is about 15-20 whereas in the case of large wires it is about 20-45. Some kinds of machine for wire drawing includes the single block machines overtop block on the single vertical shaft with 2 dies bull block with riding stripper equipped to operate either 1 2 or 3 dies and continuous multi-die wiring machines. All the machines may have different functionalities but their common motto is to make sure that adjustment on the inlet pulley soapbox and die holder is made so that the wire makes a straight pass from the inlet guide through the wire die present on the block. The most important work of the operator involves is to keep an eye on the lubricant in the soapbox and to regularly check that the wire is round. An example of a produced product of wire drawing is telephone wires which are drawn 20 to 30 times from a hot rolled rod stock. One of the fundamental tasks of wire drawing is the process of lubrication in order to maintain a good shining surface with a finished look and to have a long die life. The different methods of lubrication includes wet drawing in this the dies and wires are completely immersed in the lubricants dry drawing in this the wire is passed through a container of lubricants to coat the surface of the wire metal coating in this the wire is

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coated with some soft metal which functions as a solid lubricant ultrasonic vibration in this the dies are vibrated so that force is reduced to allow larger reductions per pass and roller die drawing in this roller dies are used instead of fixed dies in order to convert shear friction to rolling friction to reduce the drawing forces. The various lubricants used by the ​wire drawing lubricants ​ ​includes soap water-based solutions and oil. Another lubrication technique involves immersion in copper solution which acts as a lubricant. The main purpose of the lubricants includes acting as a coolant to act as a cleaner and to provide enough lubrication. Both the drive technology and production speed has improved over the years and along with it the amount of heat production has also increased to enormous amounts. The lubricant needs to function appropriately so that it acts as a coolant and helps to extend productivity and die life. The lubricant should work in accordance to a perfect cleanser in order to keep the system in a running state without any kind of blockage from the little residue of the wire which is produced at the end of the wire drawing process. So the choice of lubricant should be made carefully in order to enhance the quality as well as productivity. Resource Box: ​The various lubricants used by the wire drawing lubricants manufacturers like ​Grauer Weil India Limited ​ includes soap water-based solutions and oil.

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