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Beard mantra provides latest tips and helpful guide so that every Man can become a real Man. Where they share their practical experience as well as actionable advice to grow a killer looking beard from start.


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Male Hair Removal and shaving is very much in the limelight. If, like me you can't of helped noticed that the fashion accessory of choice for every right minded thinking male is the beard, then you may be wondering: how best to grow one? what style should you choose? Having mastered the art of growing and fashioning a beard, which I have covered in previous blogs, the next issue is what style. When it comes to shaving for men, style is very much down to personal choice. However, when deciding on a style, one needs to consider what shape face one has, as you would when choosing a pair of shades or glasses. Every face is very different, and as well as style, one needs to consider length, which I will come to. Other factors will of course include the shape of the various parts of the head, such as the mouth, the contour of the jaw line, your nose etc. So to keep things simple we will first consider the basic face shape categories. These are round, square, oval, long, short, large and small. As a starting place you need to consider what category your face falls into. Checkout beardmantra for more info.

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Hair Pomade is one of the most usable styling products. It is similar to the styling wax and gives to gloss and attractiveness to the locks. There is an abundance of products designed in different colors and aromas. Some include essential nutrients and oils that retain locks dryness and breakage. It is good for dry hair and is required for stylize some hairstyles, especially for short ones. Makes the curls shiny and silky. This type of products do not dry fast and completely. Pomade contains petroleum jelly, wax, mineral oil, fragrance, coloring agents. https://www.beardmantra.com/is-pomade-bad-for-your-hair/ is an excellent resource for this .

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It is an impressive product that adds texture, desirable shape and more silky gloss. If you want to create notable texture for your mane apply pomade. It grants magnified textural looks for the smooth styles too. The addition of this styler makes a rebel image. Blow-dry hair with a small spread amount for shine. When is used in bigger amounts, can cause oiliness after blow drying. Prevents hair damage and makes it healthy and manageable. Apply on wet hair. Blow dry it while flipping the tips with round brush. The result is a charming flipped style. Apply to the ends daily to prevent them from splitting. https://www.beardmantra.com/role-biotin-facial-hair-growth/ is one of the authority sites on this topic.

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Apart from the methods mentioned above, you can try using certain remedies, which stimulate hair growth. Minoxidil is one of such medications, which is generally used to help regrow human tresses. However, it is not indicated whether this drug can be used to grow facial hair, so consult your doctor before undergoing this treatment. In case you are anxious about taking drugs, then why don't you use natural ways of facial hair growth? One of them is applying eucalyptus oil on your beard and taking around 2.5 mg of biotin per day. This can help achieve the expected result. Another important recommendation is to stop shaving until you get the desired length of your beard. It does not mean, of course, that you should stop trimming it as well. Instead, this procedure helps get rid of split and damaged ends, which, in its turn, results in proper hair growth.

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Summary : Beard mantra provides latest tips and helpful guide so that every Man can become a real Man. Where they share their practical experience as well as actionable advice to grow a killer looking beard from start.   Visit this site to learn more: https://www.beardmantra.com/is-pomade-bad-for-your-hair/

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