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A Compassionate Community Cutting Edge for pastors a nd churches

Why Cutting Edge?:

Why Cutting Edge? ChangePoint Spokane’s Cutting Edge fills the void left when Spokane Valley Ministerial Association disbanded in June 2009. Without leadership and without vision, nothing much happens.

Why Cutting Edge?:

New leadership with a new direction has emerged and ChangePoint is involved in helping congregations work cooperatively for the common good. They may never all see eye-to-eye, but they can work side by side and love heart-to-heart. Just as Nehemiah divided up the task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem to families within the twelve tribes, we can do the same. Why Cutting Edge?

What’s New for Churches?:

What’s New for Churches? Here are some of the ways that ChangePoint is able to assist your congregation impact and transform your community. If you want to join another congregation in a community project, please call. If you have questions about the community, or if you run into roadblocks in dealing with officials, please call Steve Wilson at (509) 927-1153 ext 28.

What’s the goal?:

Simply, it’s community transformation by impacting all nine spheres of influence Homes and blocks Health care and seniors Education and schools Spiritual and social Government and politics Business and economy Media Arts and entertainment Sports and recreation What’s the goal?


Consulting If you church is seeking outside help on areas relating to the community, social justice, evangelism, missions, sports, environment, or helping the poor, let’s talk! We are committed to the body of Christ impacting our community.

Speakers Bureau:

Speakers Bureau Steve “29” Wilson and Ian Robertson are available to make presentation and conduct workshops on community topics, including… Impacting the Community Character Education Lay Leadership The Master’s Plan for Making Disciples Inspirational and motivational topics

Quarterly Luncheons:

Quarterly Luncheons Scheduled on a Wednesday in January, April, July, and October Evergreen Fountains provides a delicious and healthy catered luncheon Meet other pastors and church leaders Opportunities to share stories and ideas. Attendance limited to senior pastors and one other person per church, along with ChangePoint personnel.

City Council Invocations:

City Council Invocations The City Council of Spokane Valley starts regular meetings with invocations by local pastors. Guidelines are provided. A good opportunity to get to know local civic leaders and keep the work of the church visible to the community. If you would like to be included, please call ChangePoint at (509) 927-1153 ext 28. Pastor Darrell Cole coordinates this project.

Prayer Time for Pastors:

Prayer Time for Pastors We meet for prayer and sharing each Thursday at 7:00 a.m. at Valley Wesleyan Church, 16607 East Broadway Pastor Darrell Cole always has brewed coffee ready You are welcome to join us Starts again on Sept. 8, 2011

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For more information, please call Steve Wilson at (509) 927-1153 ext. 28 Cutting Edge

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