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A Compassionate Community QWoD Quality Workforce Development

Career Change Class Outline:

Career Change Class Outline 1. Getting started 2. The self-assessment process 3. Preparing your resum é and your references 4. Assessing the job market

Career Change Class Outline:

Career Change Class Outline 5. Developing job search strategies and tools 6. Preparing for the job interview 7. Managing your campaign 8. Negotiating successfully 9. The new job transition

Career Change Class includes…:

Career Change Class includes… 10. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People overview 11. SCANS Skills , with personalized help 12. Strengths Finder 2.0 introduction

Employment Quiz:

Employment Quiz 1. About 65% of all jobs are filled through recruiters, personnel agencies, and newspaper ads. 2 FALSE

Employment Quiz:

Employment Quiz 2. In today’s “age of speciality,” it is very difficult to transfer from one industry to another. 2 FALSE

Employment Quiz:

Employment Quiz 3. You should schedule your first interviews with companies in which you are most interested. 2 FALSE

Employment Quiz:

Employment Quiz 9. It’s important to keep your emotions to yourself if you’ve been terminated so you don’t appear negative in the job interview. 2 TRUE

Employment Quiz:

Employment Quiz 22. It is not a good idea to inquire, “Why is this position open?” when interviewing for a job. 2 FALSE

My Ideal Job:

My Ideal Job Salary or level I’d like My Favorite Skills My Favorite Subjects Kind of place to work Place that deals with, or has Kinds of co-workers People I like to help Primary goals in new career

The Flower Diagram p.210:

The Flower Diagram p.210 Skills Information Outcomes People Salary Physical setting Spiritual/ emotional setting Things

Developing Job Search Strategies and Tools:

Developing Job Search Strategies and Tools Networking Agencies Mailings Ads 5 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 70% 15% 10% 5%

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SCANS Skills:

SCANS Skills 1. WORKPLACE COMPETENCIES RESOURCES Manages Time Manages Money Manages Material and Facility Resources Manages Human Resources INTERPERSONAL Participates as a Member of a Team Teaches Others Serves Clients/Customers Exercises Leadership Negotiates to Arrive at a Decision Works with Cultural Diversity

SCANS Skills:

SCANS Skills INFORMATION Acquires and Evaluates Information Organizes and Maintains Information Interprets and Communicates Information Uses Computers to Process Information SYSTEMS Understands Systems Monitors and Corrects Performance Improves and Designs Systems TECHNOLOGY Selects Technology Applies Technology to Task Maintains and Troubleshoots Technology

SCANS Skills:

SCANS Skills 2. FOUNDATION SKILLS BASIC SKILLS Reading Writing Arithmetic Mathematics Listening Speaking THINKING SKILLS Creative Thinking Decision Making Problem Solving Mental Visualization Knowing How to Learn Reasoning

SCANS Skills:

SCANS Skills PERSONAL QUALITIES Responsibility Self-Esteem Sociability Self-Management Integrity/Honesty Integrity / Honesty Recognizes when being faced with making a decision or exhibiting behavior that may break with commonly held personal or societal values; understands the effects of violating these beliefs and codes on an organization, oneself, and others; and chooses an ethical course of action.

Microsoft WORD and Excel:

Microsoft WORD and Excel Knowledge of WORD and Excel are needed in jobs just about everywhere ChangePoint Spokane’s computer lab is available for students

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For more information, please call Darrell Freeman at (509) 927-1153 ext. 28 QWoD

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