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Grinds and Coat, provide best services for driveway resurfacing with best resurface concrete in Australia.


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Grinding Polishing Power Wash Cleaning Sealing Re-Sealing Is it Real Diamond Polished Concrete A Mechanically Polished Concrete surface is achieved by the gradual reduction of abrasive diamond pads. The process includes grouting of small air voids and cracks densifying the surface and finishing the surface with penetrating sealers followed with a finishing buff. This process takes up to 7 days 200m2 to complete and will last a lifetime. Request a Quote Full Stone Exposure If the floor is lumpy with high low spots the high spots will expose larger stone as the machine will try to cut as flat as Bine Craft Beer Restaurant A DIAMOND POLISHED CONCRETE FLOOR WILL HANDS DOWN OUTLAST ANY COATINGS AND RESIST KIDS ANIMALS FURNITURE DRAGGING. THE SURFACE STRENGTH IS MUCH HARDER THAN ANY COATING. A hone and clear coating will scratch no matter what coating you use at some point down the track it will need re-coating. Cheap coatings will yellow. You pay for what you get and at some point you will have to do it again. Decorative Concrete Sealing Services Your visitors can save your web pages as PDF in one click with h t t p : / / p d f m y u r l . c o m

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Mechanical Diamond Polished Floor Working Showroom - Bine Craft Beer Restaurant - Nobby Beach - Gold Coast. All Free Quote Requests must go through the Quote Request. Gold Coast Local Areas - Northern Rivers NSW - Tweed Heads - Byron Bay - Murwillumbah - Mullumbimby - Bangalow - Cabarita - Kingscliff - Lennox Head - Tweed Coast - Lismore. Please take the time to read information below to understand polished concrete. Diamond Polished Concrete Floors...Tick all the Boxes Garage Restaurants Industrial Renovations Your visitors can save your web pages as PDF in one click with h t t p : / / p d f m y u r l . c o m

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Conversions Shops Cafes Factory Floors Extensions Pricing...Mechanical Diamond Polished Concrete or Grind Clear UV Coating. Is the quote for a grind hone and clear coating or a mechanical diamond polish Finished Surface…Polished Concrete Stone and Gloss Levels Polished Concrete Gloss levels Matt Satin - 400 grit Standard Gloss - 800 grit High Gloss - 1500 grit or 3000grit These can vary depending on the quality of the concrete. Your Polished floor is only as good as the Concrete and how it was ordered placed and finished. Placement - Concrete placement is the key vibration should be done evenly no dragging of vibrators or over vibrating. Stone Colours - Select stones are usually available from most concrete batching plants. For existing slabs test areas can be ground and water will give a close colour finish. Stone or aggregate size should be checked at regular intervals. Your visitors can save your web pages as PDF in one click with h t t p : / / p d f m y u r l . c o m

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Cement Colour - Cement can be pigmented with coloured oxides when ordering or stained if it is an existing slab prior to polishing the concrete. Concrete Strength - Minimum of 32 Mpa recommended no fillers like Fly Ash make sure no water is added. Placement Finishing - Concreters should be given exact specifications of placement and finishing practices usually a thorough stick trowel or light helicopter no edging tools. + / - 3mm over 3 meters for acceptable tolerances What ever finish is utilised by your contractor it has to be consistent through out the surface for best results. For best results always do a test slab/pad approximate 1200mm x 1200mm. Waffle Pod slab are not recommended Slabs designed with a structural first pour and a second topping decorative slab is also a good practice if using expensive concrete mixes. Polishing old existing slabs is possible but there is no guarantee of a consistent finish and will never look as good as a well planned decorative slab. i polish concrete use prefer and recommend water based polymer for grouting and sealing in mechanical polished concrete products by... Water Based Polymer Grout Sealers Your visitors can save your web pages as PDF in one click with h t t p : / / p d f m y u r l . c o m

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R.C.L. Concrete Cutting Full Service Concrete Cutting Company Located in Tampa Florida Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd © 2014 Polished Concrete Water Based Sealers Decorative Floor Coating Solutions Request a Quote Your visitors can save your web pages as PDF in one click with h t t p : / / p d f m y u r l . c o m

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