Greg Englesbe Home Ownership vs Renting

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Greg Englesbe is a banking professional who has a great deal of leadership experience. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of a New Jersey-based mortgage company since 2003, and he is a hands-on individual who is involved in all aspects of the business.


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H O M E O W N E R S H I P V S . R E N T I N G G R E G E N G L E S B E

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G R E G E N G L E S B E Greg Englesbe founded E Mortgage Management in Mount Laurel New Jersey in 2003. Ever since then he has been helping people in his community enjoy the benefits of home ownership. If you are a renter you may wonder why you should go do what it takes to obtain a mortgage. After all there are many different hoops to jump through so it may not seem as though it is worth it.

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G R E G E N G L E S B E . You have to save money to come up with a down payment and this is part of the equation. Plus you have to fill out a mountain of paperwork and you are exposed to a lot of scrutiny with regard to your income and your credit history.

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G R E G E N G L E S B E Though there are hurdles to cross a mortgage banker like Greg Englesbe would be able to make a compelling case for home ownership. First of all if you are a renter your rent payment is probably your biggest monthly bill. You are putting out a lot of money but you are not building any equity for yourself. If your landlord has a mortgage on the property you are the one paying it but you are not gaining any of the benefits.

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G R E G E N G L E S B E There is also the matter of personal independence. If you get a home loan and close on your own place of residence you dont have to follow anyone elses rules. You can do what you want with your home and this can provide a certain sense of freedom. Greg Englesbe provides pathways that lead this liberating dynamic and this is a personally satisfying aspect of his job.

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F O R M O R E I N F O V I S I T O T H E R P R O F I L E L I N K S F O R   G R E G E N G L E S B E

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