Strategies to Improve the ROI on Your Enterprise Application

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10 ways to improve the ROI of your software It has been seen that Corporate IT spends a lot of time in order to justify the return on investment ROI which is taken from hardware and data center investments but it is also seen that it ignores the software investments altogether. By some accounts 80 of most commercial software features go untapped with only about 20 being actively used. What should you expect from your software investments and how do you make sure youre getting it Here are 10 ways to maximize your software ROI. 1: Evaluate usage It has been done by a few of the IT departments but we proceed further to survey the usage of commercial software- by evaluating its entire set of functions and features and then determining which are regularly being used - this could be determined what amount of the whole solution your company is using. This could happen that there may be a fault within your own organization. There is a tendency to install the initial phase of the solution and then lag behind in implementing follow-on features and functions. 2: Secure an input channel to the software vendor for new feature development Those companies who are seen making ongoing collaborative relationships with software vendors are seen getting their requests for enhancement heard. If your software vendor has a user council or committee it is worth your while to be on it. 3: Check your software for business scalability

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Scalability is considered in IT circles to be the ability of hardware and software in order to grow in processing and capacity. If we talk about the software scalability this scalability should be considered in terms of capability expansion in the software that maps to the business. Let’s take an example in terms of capability expansion in the software that maps to the business. For instance if your business goal is to move the entire sales force to mobile communications and order taking your order system software must be able to accommodate the needs for mobile computing and mobile security. 4: Ensure strong service and product support It is needed that there should be having strong service and support ethics in order to get assured that the provider will be there always you need. This is the reason that there is a need to include service and support SLAs that are in your contracts with commercial software vendors. 5: Invest in software that is easy to integrate Before proceeding further for the development of the new software always remember to take into consideration the earlier pieces and methods of the software and then make a decision what are the other new things that would be needed in the development of the new software. Once the analysis is done its a straightforward process to ask the vendor what APIs and other means of integration it provides. 6: Estimate time to deploy How long will it take you to deploy the new software — and what effect if any will this have on the enablement of critical business strategies 7: Evaluate all contract options Always remember that Standard software contracts run on either three- or five-year terms. So do not take a risk for going longer than three years on a software contract because many changes do come with the passage of time in your business. If the vendor tells you that it only has a five- year contract modify the contract by injecting an opt-out option for your company at the three- year point. 8: Look for great user and IT training It is usually seen that most of the Most software solutions providers focus on their product development but skimp on product documentation user manuals and training. Your end business users and IT will be able to take advantage of a solution only to the extent that they are well trained and comfortable with it. Do not take those vendors serious who lack strong training for their software. If you are only relying on online FAQ sheets this is not enough. 9: Measure end-user and IT satisfaction

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Are your end users and IT staff satisfied with the overall solution the expertise behind it and the vendors support and service staff If you are not satisfied you are free and allowed to meet with the vendor in order to eliminate points of concentration which are mandatory in order to guarantee that you are getting the maximum benefits of your software and the investment that is spent on it. 10: Take a reading on business value If you are suffering from the situation when your software isnt building revenue opportunities lowering costs creating operational efficiencies reducing risks or making other tangible contributions to your end business you are required to step back and determine properly what actually the software is doing for you. For more information you can consult with our expert. Call us : 1888-606-1808 Website: Company: Graymen Technologies Address: Atlanta GA USA Pin Code: 30303

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