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This presentation will help you to learn about various aspects of graphic design such as basic principles and responsibilities of a graphic designer.


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Graphic Design:

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Graphic Design:

Graphic Design It is a form of visual communication. In this field you have to design attractive logo, wallpapers, visiting cards, posters and other social media forms for a company. Becoming more competitive with every passing day so it is essential you do everything you can as early on as you can. You can choose your career as a Brand Designer, Art Director and Photographer. Some focus on print media while the others do graphics for film and television. You can also design websites, mobile applications and other interactive media.


Responsibilities or duties of a good graphic designer

For better career in graphic designing :

For better career in graphic designing Get a degree or certificate in Graphic Design from a reputed college or institution. Figure out your specialization – focus on one field which you like the most such as packaging design, identity design and magazine design. Try to involve in graphic events or design contests. Learn HTML, CSS. A graphic designer must able to express his/her creativity. Start working freelancing as it builds up incredible experience, especially when it comes to dealing with actual paying clients. For better career in Graphic Designing

Principles of design :

Principles of design Alignment – will result in clear and sophisticated look of a design.

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Proximity – All related contents are put together which gives logical sequence from start to end. Emphasis – create center of interest or attraction where your eyes first lands. Rhythm (repetition) - common arrangement or composition that ties all the distinct parts together .

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Typography - Use the same general style throughout design.

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Balance color or use same color scheme consistently.

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Contrast – means to show differences in two or more sections of the design.

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