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Granite Countertops :

Granite Countertops Are you looking at your house and seeing the potential of a new and sophisticated look? If you do not have granite countertops in your house, it is time to apply them and get that beautify and inviting feel to any room that you apply granite table and counter tops to. Is the atmosphere in your office dragging you down and making you produce less work? Think of changing your office countertops. The many benefits derived from granite are enjoyed by more and more people as they opt to use this hard stone. Granite counter and table tops can change a drab kitchen or room into one which is awesome in the short period it takes to apply and complete the installation process.

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Because granite occurs naturally, it is referred to as a natural stone. Because of this reason, no two slabs are alike. Every stone is different with varied textures and consistencies. Therefore, every granite countertop will be different and no two rooms - kitchens, bathrooms or offices will be completely identical. Due to its abundance on the earth and because of its sophisticated and elegant appearance, granite counter and table tops have become the counter covers of choice. They are readily available from venders throughout the world and they are highly durable. As such, venders offer lifetime guarantees to any granite countertop that they install. The popularity of installing granite as counter tops, coupled with its much occurrence as a natural earth element, granite has become fairly inexpensive and can be afforded by people from across the board.

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The granite stone, much like any other raw stone that occurs naturally, is very porous. This means that it is absorbent and permeable. When granite has been treated, sealed and polished on the other hand, it emerges as a hard and reflective glazed stone. With its hard polished feature, the penetration of bacteria, germs and dirt is rendered impossible. Granite is therefore very good sanitary top. Cleaning of granite countertops is very simple due to the fact that it does not permit dirt to penetrate through it. A wash with warm soapy water is all it needs to remove the grease that may have been poured on it and also remove the surface dust. Follow this with a clear rinse to maintain its gleaming and sanitary look. You will not need expensive cleaning agents to keep a granite table or counter top sparkling clean and ready to use. This is one of the reasons why these table tops are becoming a favorite for many construction companies.