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Looking to the Future of Live Performance in Second Life™ with Colossus Linden Grace McDunnough slide crafter & moderator

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“We absolutely have to make it easier for musicians and other performers to perform meaningfully in Second Life. We’ve looked at the challenges extensively and have a good idea of what we need to do but we won’t be able to get to it in 2009. We see live performance as a “killer app” in Second Life.” - Mark Kingdon, M Linden 2009

live performancein Second Life is diverse : 

live performancein Second Life is diverse dance musicians djs vocalists magic comedy theater story-telling poetry performance art

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performers venue ownersevent plannersaudiencelistenersfanslinden lab“yet to be any of the above” everyone has concerns

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so we asked

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what’s working? what needs to be fixed? what should be added? what should change?

rank these 5 concerns : 

rank these 5 concerns group limits communications event system avatar limits content sales

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what did we learn? Data disclaimer: This is a VERY small sample set of data (< 200) and most responses appear to be from the live musician community. Although there are some shared concerns, we will kindly ask that Linden Lab re-run this exercise to be sure to address the diversity of live performance interests.

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we love … diversity of venues, performances & performersseparation of streaming servers from SLease of access to perform and/or attend voice (when it works)connecting with peoplethe experience!

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break our hearts. however, laggrid instabilitypoor communicationsgroup limitationslow awarenessand lack of promotion

how the 5 ranked : 

how the 5 ranked communications event system group limits avatar limits content sales ~ 20% gap

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everyone needs robust & reliable communication group chat and notices are currently just not working groups are an integral part of the world experience, group limitations need to be lifted web-based systems circumvent group limits, but do not help with in world group systems for land, etc. Is this the party to whom I am speaking?

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finding what you want matters – a lot events need to include refined categories (genres) and improved search by: artist, genre, venue, time venue owners need to post more than 5 events a day event listings are a confusing mess and there are no means of control “Remember that failure is an event, not a person” – Zig Ziglar

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but you know all of that. what about that killer app thing?

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connect events & people promoteexperience we all win! + =

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promote live performance in SL (use your LL powers of good to expose ALL residents to live events)connect the SL events system with social sites (let me create a facebook or myspace event and have it show up in the SL events)include an “add to my calendar” capability (let me add an SL event to my yahoo, google or ical calendar)create an SL LIVE feed for live performance events(set up a twitter/facebook/myspace account for live events)create performer and venue profiles on XSTREET(set up a special section on XSTREET for live performance)create VURLS = “viewable URL”(e.g. let me have a sneak peek at the event via the web)

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thankyou! cc photo credits for more info contact Grace McDunnough

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