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Government Marketplace LLC – Representing Women-Owned Businesses in the Government Market.


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Government Marketplace :

Government Marketplace Marketing You to the State


At the end of the day, it’s all about marketing. To attract the public sectors attention, you need a very specialized marketing campaign, and be able to attain all the required legal paperwork and certificates to proceed. To help overcome this often overwhelming bureaucracy, Government Marketplace LLC work closely with businesses of all sizes to help them target government contracts.


A good starting point for Government Marketplace LLC is a press release. They help with the creation of news worthy piece about the Clients’ business, and distribute it through PR Newswire, a leading news syndication service with direct access to the Associated Press. Includes a guarantee of a minimum of 100 web postings.


To stay on track of progress, Government Marketplace LLC offer quarterly insight reports. 4 Reports updated and provided each quarter, including industry-specific information based on NAICS codes. Such as: Expiring Contracts, Business and Marketing Plan, Contracting Officers, and Competitive Analysis.


Video is often seen as a unreachable medium because of the cost and complication, but they bring their clients an affordable way to brand their business through video. They guide clients through the production process and take the hassle and confusion out of video marketing. All of these combined help make the business more marketable in the government marketplace, and catch the eye of those responsible for spending in the public sector.


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