Weekly Weight Loss Diet Chart for Vegetarians

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The best diet plan for vegetarians. These are the simple ingredients which you can get easily in the market. It has lot of health benefits. So you can follow this diet chart without any worries. For more information lick here: https://slimagainfitagain.com


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Weekly Weight Loss Diet Chart for Vegetarians:

Weekly Weight L oss D iet Chart for Vegetarians By slimagainfitagain


Weight loss is really difficult if we don’t look at what we are consuming in a day. Everybody wants to lose weight who has excess weight but what they should eat and what avoid is a big question especially for vegetarians. Our eating habits affects our body a lot. So, nobody should avoid its important. Here is a weekly diet chart for vegetarians which will help them to lose weight without any health issues.


DAY-01 Sweet Potato Salad Melted Feta Veggie Bake Banana Egg P ancakes


DAY-02 Sweet Potato Salad Lentil Stew Egg Muffins


DAY-03 Pear Walnut Salad Lentil Stew Egg Muffins


DAY-04 Pear Walnut Salad Easy Stuffed Bellpepper Vegan Ironman Oatmeal


DAY-05 Easy Stuffed Bellpeppers Vegan Ironman Oatmeal Vegan Chickpea Salad


DAY-06 Vegan Chickpea Salad Easy Cauliflower Curry Easy Tomato Omelette


DAY-07 Turkish Lentil Salad Easy Cauliflower Curry Cream Cheese Pancakes


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