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MILLIPEDE By M. Prashanthi

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Contents introduction Millipede Vs Hard disk Basic Concepts Architecture Reading Writing Fabrication Features Current state of art Conclusion


Introduction The millipede memory is one of the latest innovations in the field of memory and storage technology. The technology was developed by IBM in early 2003 and can achieve ultrahigh average storage density of 1tbit/in2 The millipede memory technology uses local probe techniques to write, read back and erase bits of information


Millipede Vs Hard disk Imagine, all the data in your hard disk, your DVD collection and all those several gbs of data, in a single device, may be as small as the thumb drives of present day. That is what the millipede memory technology proposed to achieve. developed by IBM. The millipede memory technology uses nanoscopic tips such as the atomic force microscope(AFM)tips to attain very precise local confinement in a nanoscopic area.


Current secondary storage -a review The secondary storage for a computer system is an auxilliary,non-volatile storage. The secondary storage devices of the present day include the hard disk, flash drives, optical discs. The hard disk : is most widely used secondary storage of the present day and magnetic storage technology. The flash drive : on the other hand is a solid state device and optical discs as name suggests is an optical storage technology

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