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Green computing:

Green computing Presented by P.Amaravathi


Introduction: Green computing is the environmentally responsible use of computer & related resources. Include implementation of energy efficient central processing unit(CPU’s),servers & pheripherals as well as well as reduced resource consumption& proper disposal of electronic waste(E-Waste).


origin In 1992, the U.S.Environmental protection agency launched energy star, a voluntary labeling program which is designed to promate and recognize energy-efficiency in monitors, climate, control equipment, etc. Main victory. This resulted in the widespread adoption of sleep mode among consumer electronics .

What is Green Computing?:

What is Green Computing ? The positive (or least negative) relationship between the physical computer and its impact to the environments in which it moves through from cradle to grave


Goal The goals are similar to green chemistry Reduce the use of hazardous materials Maximize energy efficiency during the products life time Promote recyclability or biodegradability of defunct products and factory waste.

E-waste impacts in china:

E-waste impacts in china


Plastics: Plastics are found through out the computer,largely from casings but also internally to hold components together. Once specific form of plastic used in polyvinyl chloride(PVC)which is used cabling & housings. These chemicals can act as endouring disrupters & increase risk of several forms of cancer. They have been found entering the foodchain OLEDS-organic light-emitting diodes.

Why green computing ?:

Why green computing ? Climate change Computing power consumption has reached a critical point. Savings Reliability of power.


problems Hardware Data center Cooling Increasing costs and wastes

Hard ware based solution :

Hard ware based solution Virtualization: Contribution of virtual systems Contribution of virtualized servers Contribution of virtualized data center Contribution of virtual application

Power management:

Power management Lower power consumption Allow the user to manually adjust the voltages Examples : Intel speed step, AMD cool’n’ Quiet, AMD power now.

Approaches to green computing::

Approaches to green computing: Power supply Storage Video card Display Recycling Telecommuting

Impact on business:

Impact on business Companies are competing in an increasingly green market, and must avoid the real and growing financial penalties that are increasingly being levied against carbon production.

How it increasing.. :

How it increasing.. Drive towards Centralized mega data centers The huge growth in power consuming technologies in some companies. A shift to an equally power-consuming distributed architecture in others.


consequences The IT is driving an exponential increase in demand for energy, and along with it, is having to bear the associated cost increases.

The problem::

The problem: Rising energy costs “POWER CONSUMPTION” making IT indrustry is weaker than most.

The impact:

The impact Important issues Politically Economically Increases in the cost of living Drive up the cost of doing business Force greater investment in nuclear power. Which is unpopular and expensive. May lead to a massive growth of intrusive alternative energy infrastructure. Solving the related problems of rising energy costs and environmental damage will be extremely painful and costly.

The solution::

The solution: A fresh approach to IT and power is-putting power consumption at fore in all aspects of IT- from basic hardware design to architectural standards. Example: IBM has a real appreciation of the issues, thanks to its size, experience and expertise, and can help its customers to avoid the dozens of ‘wrong ways, of doing things, by helping to identify the most appropriate solutions.

Strategies for change:

Strategies for change Demand major changes in IT user behaviours and policies. The adoption of new infrastructure Competiton among companies to develop better green computer. Virtualization and server consolidation can allow users to ‘do more with less’, allowing one large server to replace several smaller machines. Some companies contributing towards this are IBM, Hewlett-Packard, sun Microsystems and AMD have joined force to launch the Green Grid environmental lobby.

Some recent implementation s of green computing:

Some recent implementation s of green computing

Zonbu computer::

Zonbu computer: The Zonbu is a new, very energy efficient PC. The Zonbu consumes just one third of the power of a typical light bulb.


Fit-Pc: Fit-PC is the size of a paperback and absolutely silent, yet fit enough to run windows XP or Linux.

Sunray thin client::

Sunray thin client: Sun Microsystems is reporting increased customer interest in its Sun Ray, a thin desktop client, as electricity prices climb.

The Asus Eee PC and other ultra portables::

The Asus Eee PC and other ultra portables: Small size Fairly low power cpu compact screen Low cost and innovations. Such as using flash memory for storage.


conclusion I finally conclude that consumers haven’t cared about ecological impact when buying computers, they’ve cared only about speed and price.

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