How To Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life


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Long battery life is the first most desire of every smartphone buyer. Also specs and apps matter, but the battery is the juice of every smartphone. Many companies are working on enhancing smartphone battery life. In this PPT, we have discussed some tips on how you can improve your smartphone battery life.


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How To Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

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Dim Your Screen Brightness To extend your smartphone battery it is an important thing to do. Many people dont follow this step and end up getting their smartphone battery low or dead.Many Smartphones have an auto-brightness setting that automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on ambient room light.

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Turn off Vibrations To get the notifications about incoming calls or messages in the places where it’s necessary to keep the phone silent vibrations of smartphones are the great source but it is also responsible for drainage of the smartphone battery. If you really want to extend your smartphone battery then turn off vibration. It will have a great impact on your smartphone battery.

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Keep Out of the Heat To keep your smartphone cool and protected keep stay away from direct sun rays.Direct rays from the sun are responsible for the drainage of your smartphone battery.The impact on the battery is particularly noticeable above a certain temperature so better to keep the phone out of the heat.

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Switching Off When Not in Use It is fact that turning on your smartphone consumes more battery. To save your smart phone battery life you can switch it off for a couple of hours rather than leaving it on sleep mode. If you know you’re not going to touch your phone for an extended period of time such as when you’re attending a meeting or sleeping you can actually cut down a significant amount of energy consumption if you simply switch it off.

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