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Healthy Living with Goran Rajsic :

Healthy Living with Goran Rajsic Goran Rajsic is an expert nutritionist and diet consultant who has been in this field from last ten years. Residing in the US, Goran is graduated with a degree in medical dietetics and nutrition. He loves his work, guiding people on health, writing health blogs, conducting seminars, and organizing workshops keep him on his toes always. The healthy journey started when Goran discovered the increasing interest of people in living a healthy lifestyle . His expert advice has changed the lives of so many people suffering from health issues.

Before getting into this profession::

Before getting into this profession: Goran Rajsic has spent most of his time in a nutrition consulting firm. He provided informative lectures and engaging programs on health and nutrition. He gained rich experience in providing consulting services through this firm. He became popular amongst the health conscious generation of US. Goran gained so much of appreciation during his service which encouraged him to startup a solo consulting service in Texas, United States.

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He enjoys giving health tips and nutrition advices, to become proficient in advising on health related issues, he inculcated the habit of reading health articles, blogs in his teenage. Since then he has been involved actively with natural food industry where his father worked for 25 years. He took short trips to the industry whenever he got a chance to gain all useful information on nutrition. This was a start of this journey.

Apart from giving consultation of health and nutrition::

Apart from giving consultation of health and nutrition: Goran Rajsic enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world. He is an active blogger and gives expert advice to his followers. His blogs have gained a lot of popularity and his fan base is exceeding with every passing day. While working at the nutrition consulting firm, Goran has won awards for the best speaker on health and best workshops on diet and nutrition. He has worked as freelance writer for various health magazines before starting his own consultancy service in US.

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Goran loves writing, he is also busy writing a book on health which will cover various aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The book will uncover some amazing secrets on health and a perfect diet. This health notebook will be an encyclopedia on nutrition for everybody. There is so much to share with the world, so this book will be an initiative to spread his knowledge across the globe.

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Goran Rajsic has traveled many places to deliver lectures and conducted engaging programs on health. The seminar on a perfect diet has given him a lot of appreciation from the people of Texas.

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