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FESTIVALS India - “The land of festivals”. Every festivals has it’s own significance



Hindu Festivals:

Hindu Festivals Celebration - Traditional way. “Land of Fairs and Festivals”. Hundreds of Festivals


Diwali Important festival – ‘Hindu Calendar’ Festival of ‘Lights’ Deepavali - Sanskrit -‘ A Row of Lamps ’ Unites – Nation.

Diwali [HISTORY ]:

Diwali [ HISTORY ] Celebrated on Amavasya , of Ashwin ( Aasho ) Usually October or November. Celebrated - four days

Diwali [THE 4 DAYS ]:

Diwali [ THE 4 DAYS ] 1 st Day - ‘ Naraka Chaturdasi ’. 2 nd Day - ‘ Amavasya ’. We worship - ‘Goddess Lakshmi ’. 3 rd Day – ‘ Kartika Shudda Padyami ’. 4 th Day – ‘ Yama Dvitiya ’. Lord Rama returned Ayodhya .

Celebration !!!:

Celebration !!! Cleaning and Decoration work. RANGOLI New Clothes and fire-crackers. Visit Relatives and Friends SWEETS

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Ganesh Chaturthi:

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrated - birth – ‘ Lord Ganesha ’. Ganeshji - worshipped – every Auspicious Occasions . Regarded - Destroyer - Problems and obstacles.

Celebration !!!:

Celebration !!! Statues of Ganesha - pandals . Pujas at Temples and Homes. Fasting and Distribution of sweets. Ladoos as Prasad.

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Idol is kept and offered pujas for 10 days. ' Parivartini '( i.e.'Jal Zilani ‘ Ekadashi ) ' Visarjan ‘ is done

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Ganesh Chaturthi


Janmashtami The birthday of Lord Krishna - Shravan . Known as Krishnashtami or Gokulashtami .

Birth !:

Birth ! Krishna 8 th son of Deviki and Vasudev . At mid-night Lord Vishnu took birth as Krishna Born with an AIM – end of Adharma .

Celebration !!!:

Celebration !!! O bserve Fast without water – broken -midnight. Grand worshiping at Mid-Night. Milk-Bath – Chanting names 108 times Kept as ' Lalji ' on a swing Grand Aarti and flower offering.

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J anmashtami

Makar Sankranti:

Makar Sankranti Celebrated on 14 th January. Based on Solar calendar Sun enters Makar ( Capricorn ) Rashi Why it is known is Uttarrayan ?

Regional Variations :

Regional Variations In Gujrat and Rajasthan ‘Kite Flying Day’. In Maharasthra , Haldi and kumkum tradition and they exchange sweets. In Punjab, Haryana, it’s ‘ Lohri ’. In South ‘ Pongal ’ is celebrated

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Makar Sankranti


Pongal Celebrated in Tamil Nadu. Harvest festival of South India Gratitude to nature.

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' Ponga ' literally means overflowing why It is named so ? Symbol of prosperity Celebrated for three days

Celebration !!!:

Celebration !!! 1 st Day – ‘ Bhogi ’. 2 nd Day – ‘ Perum Pongal ’. It is also called Surya Pongal , why ? 3 rd Day – ‘ Mattu Pongal ’. Jallikattu , marks this day.

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Ram Navami:

Ram Navami C elebrating the Birth of Lord Rama The 7th incarnation of the Dashavatara of Vishnu Celebrated on Shukla Paksha , Navami – Chaitra .

Celebration !!!:

Celebration !!! Children have gratitude towards there parents. In South India perform Kalyanotsavam . At end of the day the deity is taken to a procession on the streets.

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Ram Navami


Onam Portrays the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Celebrated for a period of ten days Starting from Atham till tenth day called Thiru Onam . It is a secular festival. Various morning rituals. ‘ Onasadya ’ - elaborate lunch

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Holi Celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March To Celebrate good harvest Spring festival Also called “Festival of Colors”

Significance of Holi:

Significance of Holi Hiranyakshyap who considered himself a god and wanted everybody to worship him. Prahlad began to worship, Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakshyap asked his sister, Holika to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap Prahlad was saved. Holika was brunt

Celebration !!!:

Celebration !!! Light bonfires & Celebrate Holika Dahan . Celebrate victory of ‘Good' over ‘Bad’. Do Pradkishna. Pray the God.

Dhuleti [Celebration]:

Dhuleti [Celebration] Play with Colors. Children enjoy, throw water filled balloons. Play with water missiles, called pichkaris . Many sweet dishes with Thandai Tradition of drink Bhang

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Rakshabandhan Raksha = protection Bandhan = lasting bond Rakhi symbolizes a spirit of brotherhood and harmony Rakhi symbolizes a commitment to protect each other. Rakhi creates a spirit of selfless social service.

Raksha Bandhan[HISTORY]:

Raksha Bandhan [HISTORY] Ancient festival - originated from Bhavishya Purana Brother-Sister festival Changing of Yagopavit – Sravan Poornima Initiation of new disciple by a Guru

This mantra is often recited when tying a rakhi:

This mantra is often recited when tying a rakhi Yena baddho balee raajaa daanavendro mahaabalah Tena twaam anubadhnaami rakshe maa chala maa chala (I am tying a raksha to you, similar to the one tied to Bali the poswerful king of demons. Oh Raksha , be firm, do not waver.)

Rakhi Legends:

Rakhi Legends The legend of Lord Indra and his wife Sachi . The legend of Alexander’s wife and King Porus . The legend of Rani Karnavati and Humayun .

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Raksha bandhan


Navratri Navratri = 9 (“ nav ”) Nights (“ ratri ”) It marks the beginning of autumn. Worship the Devis . 10th Day celebrated as Dusshera .

Rituals of Navratri:

Rituals of Navratri 1 st 2 nd 3 rd Day Goddess is separated as a spiritual force. 4 th 5 th 6 th Day The Mother is adored as a giver of spiritual wealth. 7 th 8 th 9 th Day Worship the goddess of wisdom.

Celebration !!!:

Celebration !!! Garba-Raas : Folk dance. Vrat (fasting) is kept all nine days. The culmination of Navratri is also celebrated as Dussehra . In South India, people set up steps and place idols on them, known as golu . In Kerala, three days: celebrated as Sarasvati Puja .

Muslim Festivals:

Muslim Festivals There are a number of Muslim festivals. The Muslim festivals do not correspond to Gregorian Calendar The Muslim festivals is based on Hijra .


Id-e- Milad Festival of Rejoicing and mourning. The day commemorates the birth and also the death anniversary of Prophet Mohammed. Celebrates on twelfth day of the third month Rabi- ul - Awwal .

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Id-e- Milad


Muharram The first Muslim month Celebrated on 10 th day of this month It’s a day of mourning. The greatest tragedy in the history of Islam-the martyrdom of the Prophet's grandson Hussain .

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Jain Festival:

Jain Festival Jain celebrates many festival. Fast is way of celebration. Have gratitude towards there God.

Paryushan :

Paryushan M ost celebrated festival of Jains. It lasts for four months . Celebrated to ask forgiveness for the mistakes . People say ‘ micchami dukadam .’

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Mahavir Jayanti:

Mahavir Jayanti Important religious festival Celebrates the birth of Mahavira , the last Tirthankara . Cellebrates on in March or in April. He was born on the thirteenth day of Chaitra

Celebration !!!:

Celebration !!! Statues of Mahavira are given a bath called the Abhisheka People travel to temples. Lectures are typically held in temples.

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Mahavir Jayanti

Christian Festivals:

Christian Festivals India is a multi religious nation. Also celebrates Christian festivals with full devotion.


Christmas The Birth-Day of Jesus Christ Conveys his message of Love, Tolerance and Brotherhood. It is celebrated on 25 th December.

Good Friday:

Good Friday Anniversary of Jesus' death. Jesus was put to death on the Friday before Easter Day. Observance include prayer and meditation.

Easter :

Easter Resurrection of Jesus, which occurred after his death Important religious feastival of the Christian Calendar.

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National Festivals:

National Festivals Celebrated all over India Celebrated in same way Very important festival Festivals have there own importance

Independence Day:

Independence Day 15 th August is celebrated as the Independence Day of India India finally won backs its freedom on 15th August, 1947. Flag is hoisted

Republic Day of India:

Republic Day of India Celebrates on 26th of January. In 1950 the constitution of India came into force. India became a truly sovereign state. Flag is hoisted

Gandhi Jayanti:

Gandhi Jayanti Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Father of our Nation Born on the 2nd of October 1869 at Porbandar in Gujarat. A freedom fighter Known for its non- violence or truth

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Gandhi Jayanti

Sikh festivals:

Sikh festivals Celebrated by Punjabis. India is land of diversities Every festivals are celebrated Celebrated on northern India


Lohri A bonfire is lit up a day before Sankranti which is called Lohri . Lohri is celebrated in the north India. Relatives and Friends gather together.

Celebration !!!:

Celebration !!! Kids go door to door asking for lohri . People eat sweets like gajak , rewari , Jaggery . They also eat a lot of peanuts .Many sweets are made with til .

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Guru Nanak Jayanti:

Guru Nanak Jayanti Also known as Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Prakash Utsav marks the birth anniversary of the first Sikh Guru Guru  was born in 1469 in Rai-Bhoi-di Talwandi [

Celebration !!!:

Prabhat Pheris . Early morning processions that begin at the Gurudwaras Proceed around the localities singing religious hymns Celebration !!!

Celebration !!!:

Nagarkirtan is organised . This procession is led by the Panj Pyaras Procession carrying -The Sikh flag, known as the Nishan Sahib, Palki of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Celebration !!!

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Two days before the birthday- Akhand Path A Forty-eight-hour non-stop reading of the Guru Granth Sahib Langar - a special community lunch at the Gurudwaras arranged by volunteers Celebration !!!

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