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DP-201 dumps pdf is feasible to everybody out there. As almost everybody has smart phones and people are so engaged these days. They don't get enough time for preparation. So they can read notes on the go. It save your time too. This is so feasible and convenient for people all around the globe. Plus MICROSOFT DP-201 exam dumps claim that you would pass your examination with in the first attempt. The kind of study material DP-201 exam dumps have is just beyond perfection as it's precisely covered the whole syllabus. https://www.dumpsforsales.com/product/DP-201-dumps-pdf/


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DP-201 Braindumps Helps You To Explore IT World:  DP-201 braindumps is the best choice for those who are having their DP-201 certification exams. Latest MICROSOFT DP-201 Study material that DP-201 exam dumps pdf has is just so on point updated and checked by different professionals.  DP-201 exam question provide you a proper package to learn very fast. The alignment of question and answer will help you pique interest in DP-201 exam dumps. More importantly it will make so easy for all the candidates to go through their course. http://www.dumpsforsales.com/product/DP-201-dumps-pdf/

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“ Here are Some Sample Questions From DP-201 Dumps PDF http://www.dumpsforsales.com/product/DP-201-dumps-pdf/

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Sample Question You need to recommend a data storage strategy for WebApp1. Wha tshould you include in the recommendation A. An Azure SQL Data base elastic pool. B. A vCore-baswl Azure SQL data base . Answer: B C. An Azure virtual machine that runs SQL Server D. A fixed-size DTU Azure SQL data base. http://www.dumpsforsales.com/product/DP-201-dumps-pdf/

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Sample Question You need to recommend a strategy for the web tier ofWebApp1. The solution must minimize What should you recommend A. Create a runbook thatresizes virtual machines automatically toa smaller size outside of business hours. B. Configure the Scale Up settings for a web app. Answer: D C. Deploy a virtual machine scale set that scales out on a 75 percent CPU threshold. D. Configure the Scale Out settings for a web app. http://www.dumpsforsales.com/product/DP-201-dumps-pdf/

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Sample Question You need to recommend a strategy for migrating the database content of WebApp1 to Azure. What should you include in there commendation A. Use Azure Site Recovery to replicate the SQL servers to Azure. B. Use SQL Server transactional replication.. Answer: D C. Copy the BACPAC file that contains the Azure SQL data base file to Azure Blob storage. D. Copy the VHD that contains the Azure SQL data base files to Azure Blob storage. http://www.dumpsforsales.com/product/DP-201-dumps-pdf/

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