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You need to address the data concerns before creating the data model. What should you do in Power Query Editor A. Select Column distribution. B.Select the sales_amount column and apply a number filter. C. Select Column profile and then select the sales_amount column. D. Transform the sales_amount column to replace negative values with 0. Answer: A http://www .dumpsforsales.com/product/DP-200-dumps-pdf/

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You need to create a calculated column to display the month based on the reporting requirements. Which DAX expression should you use A. FORMATDatedate"MMM YYYY" B. FORMATDatedate_id"WMYYYY" C. FORMATDatedate"M YY" D. FORMAT‘Date’date_id-‘’MM" " " FORMATDateyear "" Answer: D http://www .dumpsforsales.com/product/DP-200-dumps-pdf/

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You need to create a relationship between the Weekly_Returns table and the Date table to meet the reporting requirements of the regional managers. What should you do A. In the Weekly. Returns table create a new calculated column named date-id in a format of yyyymmdd and use the calculated column to create a relationship to the Date table. B. Add the Weekly_Returns data to the Sales table by using related DAX functions. C. Create a new table based on the Date table where date-id is unique and then create a many-to-many relationship toWeekly_Return. Answer: A http://www .dumpsforsales.com/product/DP-200-dumps-pdf/

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