Various Types Of Car Keys You Need To Know

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There are many situations when you may need to replace your car keys. The transponder may stop responding, the key could break in the ignition, your keys were stolen, or maybe the keys were simply lost. Knowing what kind of key you have is beneficial in anticipating the possible costs for replacing lost, stolen, or broken keys.


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Different Types of Car Keys


Types of Car Keys The Basic Car Key The Car Key Remote Control The Car Key Transponder The Car Key Transponder with Rolling Codes The Switchblade Key The Smart Key The Master Key The Valet Key


The Basic Car Key Most older vehicles will just have a standard, machine cut key, which are easy to copy and have little security features. To increase security most owners of these types of vehicles will have installed some sort of security alarm and electronic fob to prevent theft of their vehicle.


The Car Key Remote Control After the basic car key, most cars will have some sort of remote controlled unlocking device. Car key remotes will usually be battery operated and have a button on the key fob, which will disable the car's alarm system.


The Car Key Transponder To help combat a tide of car crime, in 1990 most manufacturers and car key makers started fitting their keys with an electronic transponder chip in the head of the key, or in their car key fobs. Each chip works by sending out a unique code to the car's on board computed or ' immobiliser ' device. If the code doesn't match up to the code programmed into the immobiliser then the car will not start.


The Car Key Transponder with Rolling Codes More advanced transponder keys are available, which create a unique code every time the key is used. This means that they are practically impossible to duplicate and hack so are a lot more secure.


The Switchblade Key A switchblade key is a key where the base, or shank of the key is retractable into the head or fob of the key. These are either folded or clicked open for use and you can buy and replace either the key or the head separately if they break or malfunction.


The Smart Key In the true sense they are not really a key, as they are designed to stay in your pocket and no 'unlocking' is needed. A car with a smart key system will have a series of antennas that can detect the presence of a smart key. The owner will usually be able to touch a button or sensor to unlock the car, and in some cases a number of settings will be applied to the set up of the car, such as music preferences, seating position and climate control.


The Master Key Master keys are not so common any more but were previously used by car dealerships to programmer replacement car keys, Nowadays, the information used for programming cars is stored in a central database so master keys are not found very often. However, if you're buying a used car that uses a master key, make sure that they provide this, because if you lose the master key then you may need to replace the whole engine management system, which is not going to be cheap!


The Valet Key Some cars come with an extra 'valet' key, which will give access to the ignition and car doors only, but will not give access to the glove box and the boot.


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