Capture Exciting and Memorable Fishing Experiences with GoFish Cam

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Every fisher wonders what goes on underwater and, specifically, what it looks like when a fish chases the bait and bites the hook. GoFish Cam is one of the best patent-pending wireless underwater fishing cameras that catch the complete underwater experience through a 170° wide-angle lens and built-in microphone even in the darkest of conditions. For more information visit -


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Capture Exciting and Memorable Fishing Experiences with GoFish Cam

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Capture Exciting and Memorable Fishing Experiences with GoFish Cam In the past being a dedicated fisher required extraordinary patience—and often an abundance of free-time. Hours and days could be spent on a boat or shore often without catching a fish or even getting a bite. Ryan Austin had always considered himself a patient angler but figured there had to be a better and more efficient way to fish. He searched for a way to incorporate innovative technology into fishing to somehow monitor and analyze the movement—and number—of fish in a particular area. After years of research development testing and revisions GoFish Cam was introduced and has become the most popular wireless underwater fishing camera on the market. GoFish Cam is small yet incredibly rugged specially designed for all regions freshwater and saltwater conditions types of fishing and sizes of fish. It is placed on the fishing line—between

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the test line and leader line—and operates with GoFish Cam‘s exclusive mobile app on a user’s smartphone or tablet. Without getting into the water GoFishCam allows anglers to see in real- time what is happening beneath the surface. With built-in WiFi the content can then be reviewed edited and shared with family friends and social media connections across the globe. GoFish Cam is the perfect fishing camera for recording underwater activity during casting retrieving trolling float fishing and bottom fishing—all in top-quality 1080p HD. Its tension is rated to 1000 pounds and it operates and transmits to depths of nearly 500 feet. Each GoFish Cam is constructed with durable military-grade armor casing and equipped with night vision for deep or night fishing. With 64GB of protected internal SD card storage and 4-hours of long- lasting and rechargeable battery life possibilities for capturing exciting and memorable fishing adventures are endless. Underwater fishing cameras have revolutionized the sport for people around the world and GoFish Cam is proud of its important contributions. GoFish Cam is a powerful tool for watching a fish as it is lured takes the bait fights the capture and eventually submits. GoFish Cam allows anglers to relive the thrill of their favorite pastime store it for future viewing and share the experience with potentially millions of other people. For more information visit

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