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An introduction to EVs:

An introduction to EVs EV School presents: An introduction to EVs EV School presents:

What is an electric vehicle (EV?):

What is an electric vehicle (EV?) A car that runs on electricity

Types of EVs?:

Types of EVs? Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs): petrol engine + battery (never plugged in). Plug-in Hybrid: petrol engine + electric motor (plugged in). Full Electric: electric motor + battery (plugged in).

How do they work?:

How do they work? Use electricity not petrol Energy comes from a power outlet via a cord to the car Energy stored in a battery Energy powers the electric motor, moving the car.

What is Regenerative Braking?:

What is Regenerative Braking? Captures the energy from braking, normally lost as heat Uses it to ‘ top up ’ the battery

EVs compared to normal cars:

EVs compared to normal cars Electric vehicles Normal cars Energy comes from electricity fossil fuels Where Energy is stored rechargeable batteries petrol tank Engine type electric motor internal combustion engine Where the energy is put in power outlet and charging cord petrol cap Are there any ‘ tail-pipe ’ emissions? no yes

What does an EV look and sound like?:

What does an EV look and sound like? Looks like a normal car Sounds silent when running as has less moving parts

PowerPoint Presentation:

Normal cars produce greenhouse gases

Are EVs better for the environment?:

Are EVs better for the environment? produce 27 per cent less CO2 than petrol cars help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Produce no carbon emissions when powered using renewable energy

Benefits of electric vehicles?:

Benefits of electric vehicles? cheaper to run because electricity is cheaper than petrol better for the environment reduce noise pollution less environmental impacts across their life-cycle (manufacturing, use and disposal)

What are some disadvantages of EVs?:

What are some disadvantages of EVs? currently more expensive than normal cars not many places to charge your car can only travel 100-160km between charges Charging can take hours Silent operation – potentially dangerous for pedestrians


Discuss Why do you think more people aren ’ t driving EVs? Would you drive an EV when you ’ re older? Why? Why not?