The Art of Staying Healthy


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The secret to a healthy life.


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The Art of Staying Healthy Dr. Dráuzio Varella Translated by Paul Cushman [email protected]

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...Talk about your feelings. Emotions and feelings that are hidden, and repressed end up in illnesses such as: gastritis, ulcers, lumbar pain, back aches. With time, repressing your feelings degenerates into such things as cancer. Then, we get sincere, confide, share our intimacy, our “secrets” our mistakes! ... Dialog, speaking, words, are a powerful remedy, and excellent therapy ! If you want to stay healthy...

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If you want to stay healthy... ...Make Decisions. Indecisive people remain in doubt, in anxiety, in anguish. Indecision accumulates problems, worries, aggressions. Human history is made up of decisions. Making decisions is precisely knowing how to say “No” and how to renounce certain things, knowing how to give up advantages and valued things, in order to gain others. Indecisive people are victims of nervous disorders, gastric and skin maladies.

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If you want to stay healthy... ...Look for Solutions. Negative people are unable to arrive at solutions and add to problems. They prefer complaining, whining and pessimism. Better to light a match than complain about the darkness. A honey bee is small, but produces the sweetest of substances. We are what we think and negative thoughts generate negative energy that transforms into illness.

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If you want to stay healthy... ...Don’t live for appearances. People who hide reality, feign, pose, always want to give an impression of being well, and want to look perfect, are really accumulating tons of weight... A bronze statue with feet made of clay. There is nothing worse for your health than living for appearances and a good front. These people have a lot of varnish but little substance. Their destination is the pharmacy, the hospital and a life of pain.

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If you want to stay healthy... ...Accept yourself. Rejection of yourself, lack of self esteem, makes us strangers to ourselves. Being true to oneself is the heart of healthy living. Those who do not accept themselves, end up being envious, jealous, imitators, competitve and destructive. Accepting yourself leads to accepting others and being accepted. It leads to wisdom and feeling good. It’s great therapy !

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If you want to stay healthy... ...Trust in others. Those who don’t trust, don’t communicate, don’t open up, don’t relate with others, don’t create stable and deep relationships, don’t know how to make true friends. Without trust, there is no relating. Distrust is the lack of faith in oneself.

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If you want to stay healthy... ...Allow sadness to pass. A good sense of humor, laughter, rest and happiness, restore health and bring long life. A happy person has the gift of creating a happy environment all around him. A good sense of humor saves us from the hands of the doctor. Happiness is health and therapy.

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