Three reasons why biometric security is vital for your Safety

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Value in security: Three reasons why biometric security is vital for your Safety Some homeowners might expect new security measures to be installed in their new smart home. Generation X may like the appeal of a home security system where CCTV and other biometric security measures let them see the video of their home remotely. But do these security measures work when intruder alarms sound Biometric security is easy and safe to use. CCTV or fingerprint readers are not new technology. Both were developed in the 1960s to protect military secrets and projects. Security systems which use biometric security still may serve as a deterrent to any intruder who would set intruder alarms sounding. Did you know 60 of criminals surveyed said they would not break into a house with a security system A biometric security system that includes a fingerprint reader would also make it easier for a homeowner to get inside – without searching for keys. No homeowner needs to worry if he or she is locked out of the house and in addition they can monitor all the action at home via their CCTV system. Eighty percent of homeowners have said they feel comfortable when they use a home security system. Do you live in Slough or Windsor CCTV security systems could lower insurance costs – If your security system does use close circuit television it may be easier to identify the thief. Some insurance companies that do pay claims may want proof a theft has occurred. A security system with good picture quality could provide great detail that can help insurance company employees so they can process your claim and help police recover stolen items. Some home insurance companies can even provide a discount of up to 15 if you have an alarm monitoring system. Protection for you and your family – Install a security system with biometric security and you can keep you and your family safe. Did you know home burglaries can cause losses of more than £3 billion annually The average loss per homeowner is more than £1700 per theft. Considering the costs a security system that provides intruder alarms in Slough or Windsor is a small price for homeowners to pay and have their belongings secured. The added bonus is that a homeowner can even check on their belongings remotely and they have the record if a theft is committed and assurance the police will respond quickly. Are you looking into home or business security solutions Established in 1992 Global Security specialise in providing leading security system solutions for your home and business. From simple intruder alarms windsor to multi-building digital CCTV Biometric access control systems they tailor make security solutions to meet your individual needs. Some of the systems and services provided are: digital CCTV biometrics fingerprint access control systems door entry and intercom systems intruder

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alarms wireless alarms safes and alarm monitoring. Visit their website to see the ways they can help you and your valuables safe