The technical specifications of fully automatic strapping machine

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The Technical S pecifications of Fully Automatic Strapping Machine Global Packaging


  The packaging part of every industry should be well-functioning, effective and perfect for the kind of product being packed. With the increasing demand of fully automatic strapping machine, it is essential to understand the specifications, suitability and features of the fully automatic strapping machine.


Basic Information Global Packaging explains below the different types and specifications of fully automatic strapping machine that will make your understanding process easier. 1. PR 101 A is a fully automatic strapping machine with rollers installed for easy movement and can either be hooked to an assembly line or can be operated individually. They are extremely user- friendly fully automatic strapping machine that requires minimal maintenance. 2. PR 0860 AC has a top roller mechanism that ensures proper securing. It is a fully automatic strapping machine that is equipped with a smart strap detection feature and has an opening table top which gives access to the inside of the machine for easy maintenance. 3. PR 305 W is the preferred fully automatic strapping machine for its efficiency in smaller packaging. The machine comes with an external tape reel, PCB control board and can be operated with other machines for unmanned production.