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Hair Extension Salon in Gurgaon| How to Remove Hair Extensions


Hair Extension Salon in Gurgaon  : It’s no secret that we all adore hair extensions. Whether it’s due to the gorgeous volume they provide us, the length, or maybe just the change of look that provides us that extra boost of confidence. We’re all obsessed, and trust us, we’ve good reason . But while hair extensions by  Hair Extension Salon in Gurgaon  are often beautiful and cause you to feel beautiful inside and out, sometimes they will be a touch confusing when it involves removing them properly. And clearly, if we fail to get rid of them properly, we will damage our natural hair or ruin our extensions, which we definitely don’t want! So to avoid the horrible pain of ruining expensive hair extensions,  Hair Extension Salon in Gurgaon  have put together a step by step tutorial of how you’ll safely and properly remove your extensions without worry. Let’s get started ! REMOVING HAIR EXTENSIONS Sewn-in extensions : Gather all of your hair during a ponytail (and separate the extension half your hair into a separate pony tail if you can ).


Find the top of the thread and really carefully snip the thread. You’ll trace your fingers along the road of your scalp to seek out where the stitching happened. Go as slow as possible while you snip, because it is extremely easy to chop your natural hair on accident! (In fact, we highly recommend having a lover or professional help with this.) Next, unravel the rest of thread from your scalp. Use one hand to carry your natural hair to avoid any uncomfortable tugging or breaking, while the opposite lightly undoes the remaining thread. If you would like extra help, you’ll also buy special product solutions that help to dissolve and break down threads to form your removing process much easier. Repeat the method until you are feeling you’ve got unraveled all the thread in your hair. Next, comb out your hair to assist detangling and to make sure that you simply have gotten all the synthetic material out. And you’re done! Glued or taped extensions: Separate your hair into workable sections. Find the extensions in your hair and apply oil, letting it sit for 15 mins . Oil helps to breakdown the chemical bonds of glue or tape, making it much easier to get rid of . you’ll apply coconut, almond, olive, or ointment — basically just whichever one you prefer! After you rinse your hair of the oil, apply conditioner and wrap your hair up during a towel to get rid of the remaining oil. Lather, rinse, and repeat until all the glue is removed.


Clip in extensions : Removing clip-in extensions is certainly the simplest removing process by far! Here’s how you are doing it : Start by sectioning your natural hair at the crown faraway from the primary section of extensions on the rear of the top, and above the ears . Go slow and take away one clip at a time. Hold your natural hair against your scalp to avoid any stress or breakage . Work in sections to assist you retain track of every extension and make sure you aren’t putting to much pressure on your natural hair, or getting the clips tangled. Spray leave-in conditioner to assist remove a clip in if you’re having trouble. If your natural hair is somewhat tangled or stuck to the extension, lightly dampening it and brushing it through slowly will help to get rid of it painlessly. And then, you’re done! You can have instantly stunning hair…..Yes it’s that simple ! Enhance your hair and transform to gorgeous tresses within minutes with Clip-In Extensions by  Hair Extension Salon in Gurgaon . Here is what you would like to understand so as to seek out the extensions that are right for you.


Your desired length –  it’s important to be realistic about the length you would like. To realize the simplest results, start together with your bio hair current length then find out how long you would like or can go from there. If your hair is brief (above the shoulder), you would like to form sure you integrate your length properly so don’t go too long… especially if you do not have layers. The blunt cut will show up as a “ledge”. we provide systems with lengths that range from 14”-20.” As long as you’ve got enough hair to hide the highest weft, you’ll wear any length extensions that you simply desire. If your hair is shorter you’ll need more pieces than what’s offered during a single system . Understanding the systems –  Each clip-in hair extensions set comes in several piece quantities, bases, and lengths. Assess your hair and therefore the desired volume you want to realize with hair extensions by  Hair Extension Salon in Gurgaon . Some people could also be comfortable wearing 4 clip-ins and a few could also be easier wearing 8-10 clip-ins at a time. Our systems can range from 1pc, 2pc, 5pc, 8pc and 10pc. The shorter the hair the more pieces you’ll need for length and therefore the longer the hair the less pieces you’ll need for volume. The more pieces offered during a single system the less amount of hair offered on each weft. the less amounts of pieces offered during a single system the more hair you’ll wear each weft. So don’t be alarmed once you find that an 8pc system cost quite a ten pc system, you now realize it is because there’s more hair within the 8 pc system. It’s all about personal preference and your required look!


How much time you’ve got for your hair? –  Heat-friendly synthetic or human hair… that’s the question. counting on what proportion time you’d wish to spend styling, you’ll prefer synthetic over human hair. Heat-friendly synthetic rarely needs styled aside from to integrate your hair together with your extensions. However, this fiber type doesn’t last as long. Human hair is extremely durable and long lasting but would require heat styling whenever you want to wear your extensions by  Hair Extension Salon in Gurgaon .


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