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Servisair Trinidad & Tobago LTD :

Servisair Trinidad & Tobago LTD A leading global provider of aviation ground services

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We are an aviation services provider operating at Trinidad and Tobago’s two major airports. A subsidiary of Servisair , a member of the Derichebourg Group; we offer integrated global services and the experience to know that there is no substitute for experience...

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A global presence, Servisair operates at 121 locations in 20 countries around the world Delivering cost effective, consistent and high quality services to our broad and diverse customer base. Providing an integrated service which adds value to our customers’ business Handling all the top 10 global international carriers


WE PROVIDE: a wide range of Passenger handling services: Check-in Ticketing Boarding Arrival and Departure clearance Flight Disruption support Baggage security screening Passenger special services assistance (wheelchair, stretcher) 1


WE PROVIDE: Ramp and technical services : Baggage and cargo loading / unloading Aircraft pushback, towing and repositioning Aircraft grooming - lavatory/water/catering Ground power units and airstarts Load control Flight communications Dispatch GSE maintenance

With over 50 years experience as a global leader of aviation ground services, safety and performance are central to our success::

With over 50 years experience as a global leader of aviation ground services, safety and performance are central to our success:

But the customer is our focus::

But the customer is our focus:

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In Trinidad and Tobago, we provide services to American Airlines , Amerijet , British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Laparkan Airways, Copa Airlines ,Continental Airlines, DHL and UPS. We also facilitate 20/23 registered courier companies nationwide.

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Nothing is too big for us to handle. Nothing. From proper and safe animal handling To the proper handling of perishables and Dangerous Goods...

At Servisair:

At Servisair Cargo can be cleared within the shortest possible time upon production of the required documents by the importer or his Customs Broker. Our fully computerized Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables quick computation of charges payable. Documents are taken by our competent staff who locate import  cargo and bring it to the Customs and Excise examination area where cargo is xrayed /physically scanned. Applicable import duties and taxes are paid to the Customs and Excise cashier. Delivery is documented and released for dispatch.

Our new warehouse facility :

Our new warehouse facility Handles cargo from Piarco International & ANR Robinson International Airports - Port of Port of Spain and Pt. Lisas , is open 24/ 7 with armed security is equipped with cold storage facilities cool storage facilities a Dangerous Goods containment area and a secure storage cage for high value imports.

We are::

W e are: The largest Ground Handling Agent in Trinidad and Tobago An IATA accredited cargo agent the certification of the highest  industry recognition for  our financial and professional competence

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Servisair Trinidad & Tobago Limited Piarco International Airport [email protected] t: 868 669 2630/ 2635 f: 868 669 2633 Servisair Administration and Cargo Operations Centre, Airport South Terminal Piarco International Airport Golden Grove Road, Piarco Trinidad pos.cargo 1 868 669 2633 1 868 669 2630