Opening sequences research PART 2

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Opening sequences research – part 2:

Opening sequences research – part 2 Georgina Griffiths

High School Musical :

High School Musical High school musical starts with straight away with very calm almost Christmassy music, then in a white Serif font, says that its a Disney channel movie already telling the target audience. The text then fades as the black background then also fades to a Christmassy setting, going with the music. The film title then appears and the font is so relevant to the name as its the varsity font and gives a theme of continuity. That title then also fades as ‘new years eve’ appears at the bottom. The text being white is ironic to the season of the film, more precisely the white snow. The next high angle shot showing balloons, straight away tell the audience its a party. All the shots of the party show the age range of the characters in the film , until the shot completely changes and in contrast is in a more quieter setting with more adults. The characters are introduced here and also speech, when the mum and daughter are talking the director has used shot reverse shot and also high and low canted angles. By using the low canted angle when the mum is talking shows she has more power over the daughter, the next shots also of a family relationship but by using a long shot and their both on the same level, both having the same amount of power you can see the body language of the father and son an there close relationship. The mid shot of the mum walking in, dressed glamorously shows how she’s the dominant one in the family and takes the main role. The shot reverse shot of the mum talking to the two boys is emphasising their father so relationship as they both answer at the same time and sticking up for each other. The

The wedding Date :

The wedding Date The wedding date starts off with the Universal and Gold circle logos straight away to introduce the companies to the audience. Then the film begins telling the audience again its a Universal Pictures and that Gold Circle Films present it, in a White plain simple font the text looks classy and goes well with the music that starts in the next shot of a Wedding Invitation. The camera starts to reverse zoom as pink petals delicately fall onto the invitation, this makes the film fall into the stereotype of a ‘Chick Flick’ genre. The name on the invitation ‘Kat’ tells you the main characters name straight away. The shot then quickly fades and cuts to the camera panning over a shot of a newspaper with adverts circled. This then quickly fades into an establishing shot telling the audience the first part of the film is set in New York. The camera then fades into another establishing shot then another, panning over the city to show its amazing buildings and draw the audience in as they feel more involved. The next shots are views from New York then an apartment, while this is showing there is a voiceover of the main character on the phone to a man. The music is still playing faintly in the background and as I've seen the film I know its a significant song as it runs through out different parts of the film giving it continuity.

Chalet Girl:

Chalet Girl Chalet girl starts like all the other films, with the production and film companies but also has who the film is in association with and who the director is, This is all in blue font in capitals but very simple. This is where the diegetic sound of a cheering crowd comes in but also gets louder as the first shots quickly cut in. The first thing the audience sees is different people skateboarding which immediately gives a theme to the film, and then the shot quickly cuts to two very well-known TV hosts doing an interview. Here they are telling the audience the first part of the film so they feel like they know the character more and are more knowledged about her back ground and past years. As well as telling the audience, they show it in various pictures and images around them, transitioning from one to the other in all kinds of ways keeping the audience interested. The text around all of these videos are all in the same blue simple font which shows continuity but also the text wipes of each shot like a skateboard, keeping to the theme of the film. By showing the main character’s life through this news sort of story they are showing images and videos in chronological order of her life and also introducing other characters such as her family. The mid shots, high-angle and long shots used in the skateboarding clips all keep the audience intrigued and interested.

The Holiday:

The Holiday The holiday opens with the Columbia Song Pictures Entertainment company logo, then shows the Universal logo. The music has already started straight away and is a very soft piano piece of music which fits well with the next couple of shots. The camera is then using a large aperture to make the tree and river in the background blurry so when the text is added in its in focus. This gives a very natural feel to the film which is relevant to the story line. The camera then pans the left for two characters to enter the centre of the shot taking up the whole picture kissing. This connotes that this is a romantic movie and the font being very elegant tells us it’s going to be very sophisticated. The camera then zooms out to show the audience that this is a scene from another film which the music is being recorded for. The music then changes to another piano piece, but faster with more beats in as a narrator talks, and speaks about different kinds of love. The first, is about the couples who don’t want to leave each other and it is shown by the piano player kissing his girlfriends hand and not letting go. This could be a forbidding sign showing how during the film they do leave each other for one reason or another. As the camera then pans right to a shot of another couple in a car, the title of the film appears which is signifying as if the films taking a holiday/trip away from one very cute and loved up couple to the complete opposite, intensifying the music. The narrator explains how the love of the couple in the car has faded out and there's no sparkle in their eye, which is shown by the dismissive way they look at each other. The camera then goes to a shot of the car driving away meaning how they couple have been driven away from each other. Next the sequence it explains a lost love, and shows an old man looking at a photo of his late wife symbolising sad emotions in the film. Carrying on, the narrator speaks about love for just on night and is presented by a man walking through a pub giving eye contact to a girl and smiling, letting the audience know what kind of character he is. Finally the narrator speaks about he own love, the unrequited kind and her facial expressions show how desperate she loves this man and gives a clue to the audience that she will find love in this film.

The Ugly Truth:

The Ugly Truth The ugly truth starts with the universal film logo then Lakeshore Entertainment which is where the Non- Diegetic music starts, ‘Hot and Cold’ By Katy Perry, this choice of song gives a stereotype of the film to be a ‘Chick Flick’. The shot then fades into a view of a helicopter over a night city, and with text telling the audience again its a Columbia production. The writing is a simple plain white text but its made more interesting and modern by some words being in bold and also by it just fading and more text appearing is a different position on the screen adds to the interesting element. The extreme long shot of the streets doesn't tell the audience exactly where the films set but you know its more likely to be a city and definitely not any country side or mountain location. The way the main female characters name is positioned next to a silhouette of a women then it flips to a man when the main male characters name is shown, isn't just interesting and clever, it shows continuity as thats how there names are presented on the DVD cover. When you see the character coming out of her house you can immediately see she works in a professional, maybe an office job not just because of her smart dress code but by the way she’s already on the phone, carrying a load of paperwork and a cup of coffee. The location of her house is important as well as it shows her class, she doesn't live in a hut or a lower class area or a mansion. Her job is then confirmed in the next shot cut to of a TV station van and when she walks in the way she has people chatting to her and rushing to give her a drink shows she has an assistant and is in high power at her place of work. The music is still playing in the background just much quieter and you can see that the font and colour choice was chosen as it matches her white, modern, stylish office and doesn’t distract the audience too much so their actually watching the film not just reading. Her power in the office is also shown when she is introduces to a group of weather man she gets to interview and choose from. One of the last shots of her talking very in charge to a colleague is shown with a close up , over the shoulder view which the camera then pans in a complete circle around showing how she’s in charge of the whole room. The last final shot looking over her shoulder while she’s sitting at her desk shows her power and that she’s the boss behind the desk and everyone comes to her. Even though she’s sitting down and at a lower level than them, they still listen to her and look up to her as she is the powerful one.

Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging:

Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging This film starts with the paramount film company logo, then once that fades non-diegetic music starts of a quite happy jingle. This bit of music is memorable which is good as it plays in different parts throughout the movie. Then the Nickelodeon uses CGI to make splashes of orange colour fade in to show there logo. Then straight into the film were introduced to two main characters, from there convosation you now know the girls name and that he’s her dad. The text is a cursive script and white to go with its young target audience. The mid shot allows the audience to see the dad clearly but only the girls costume so its more of a surprise when you see the long shot and what she’s wearing. Once she’s at the party the camera goes to shot reverse shot when she’s talking to her friends. Because she’s embarrassed being the only one in a stupid costume she runs out the house where different non-diegetic music starts, the very famous song ‘she’s so lovely’. This is ironic the song being called that as all the girls at the party looked lovely and no one thought she did. The camera then goes to a long shot of Georgia running across the road signifying that she’s alone, the camera then goes to another long shot almost an extreme long shot of her running through town with everyone starring at her. Then the camera goes to an extreme long shot showing how small she feels also showing the audience where she lives, in a beach town. The camera using track movement when she’s running to show how quick she’s running to get home, showing her embarrassment and the name of the film appears. The close up of shot of her face shows her emotion and how upset she is, making the audience feel sorry for her. The shot of her running past the sea tells the audience again where she lives. The long shot of her running through the group of girls on their hen night is ironic because their all dressed girly and sexy just like at the party whereas she’s the complete opposite so its like she’s running back through the party. The shot of her from birds eye view is showing how fast she’s running and ignoring the people beside her starring. When she’s runs to her house and her mum and dad come out this shows how she has a close family who care about each other, giving more detail to the main character. The Low-Angle shot makes her look much taller than she is which emphasises her immaturity when she’s stamping on her costume like a little girls. Finally the last shot is an establishing shot to show the location of the film.

The game plan :

The game plan The game plan starts with the famous walt Disney castle telling the audience its a Disney film, as this fades non-diagetic music starts straight away with an Elvis Presley song. The first shot is just a background of water and text, this text is in a varsity font with crayon drawings around it The drawings are in the style of an American football game telling rte audience straight away its a sporty film. The shot then tilts up to an establishing shot showing the New York skyline, so the audience knows the location of the film straight away. The camera then goes to high angled shots of the city before it goes to a view of a football arena. The title of the film then takes up the whole screen in the same Varsity font going with the sport theme, the camera then zooms in the football field. Switching location, the camera goes to show close up shots of awards, baby photos, Elvis dolls and Elvis pictures, these relate to the Elvis song being played linking the music to the film. The birds eye view of the trophies show how this football player has power. The shot then goes to tilt of an Elvis outfit then pans to a dog. This is introducing more characters to the film and giving more detail to the main characters personality. The dog then runs to the bedroom and wakes up Joe, the main character. He uses a remote to wake up his whole house making the doors to his gym open showing his wealth and then shots of his wardrobe showing his class. The low level shot of his feet is building excitement for you to see the first shot of his face. The last close up of his food and it being blended into a protein shake, shows his commitment to his job as he’s keeping fit and healthy for it.

Santa clause:

Santa clause This film starts off straight away with non diegetic music and diegetic music as well as the Walt Disney logo. There is a classical piano playing in the background but also jingle bells playing over the top, the jingle bells are non-diagetic as the characters cant hear them they are just relevant to the christmas theme, but the piano is diagetic as the characters can hear it. The first shot is a low level of Santa clause's feet, as it then tilts up to show his head, the text infront of his is in white and red, Santa’s colours which is relevant to the films Christmas theme but its also in a very Christmassy font. Santa then moves out of the shot and it opens up to what looks like an office. Its all decorated with tinsel emphasising the time of year it is and then the film title appears in the same colours but in a type writer font which links with the location of an office A small light runs across the title changing the font to the Christmassy one, indicating there will be a change during the film. The camera then tilts down to show the size of the office and then a party full of people at the bottom. The santa from earlier then walks into a mid shot where he’s passing out presents to people. All of this is emphasising the Christmas theme. Then the camera goes to a mid shot of a man giving a speech where he introduces the main character and the audience see’s him for the first time. I like that the font, location and music all fits the Christmas theme and I will use all this continuity in my opening sequence.

Cheaper by the dozen 2:

Cheaper by the dozen 2 Cheaper by the dozen 2 starts with the 20 th century fox logo then when that fades it goes straight into jazzy music non-diegetic music. This gives the feel an upbeat happy feel to the film. The camera goes to a shot of the road and the colour of the text is white and yellow, these colours are appropriate and link with the shot as the paint on road is yellow and white in America, straight away this also tells the audience it’s an American film. The car then pulls up into shot and using a low level, slightly angled shot shows people getting out the car, by this shot not showing any faces it builds the anticipation and makes the audience interesting to who it is. As the camera tilts up to reveal a pregnant women and then a massive family full of different ages, the audience gets introduced to the main characters. The location of the scene is shown when he family walks into a wide shot of a graduation, all the gowns and parents smart clothes add to the scene and make it all believable. Then its a shot reverse shot as one of the graduates in the line is mouthing to the dad of the family who walked in late, the camera then cuts to close ups of each family member, introducing them further to the audience. The camera cuts to wide view of a party to end the opening sequence .

The parent trap:

The parent trap This film begins with the Walt Disney logo and then straight away non diegetic music starts with the song L.O.V.E by Nat 'King' Cole, this song is important as it introduces the love story genre of the film. The camera fades into a shot of water with text on top. The text is a plain white colour which goes well with all the background and colours in the film and its in a serif font keeping it old fashioned but classy. The camera then tilts up to show a boat as it sails past, then the screen fades to black as fireworks start to go off. These are a sign of celebration giving the audience some insight to what's going on, the film title then comes up infront of the fireworks symbolising its such an amazing film. After, the camera goes to close up shots of the sailors hands turning the wheel of the boat and then what looks like a priest holding a book and then a couple holding hands at the bottom, this is a symbol of marriage and is confirmed when the couple what through the a double door, he in a tux and she in a white dress. The white colour font then becomes very important as white is the obvious colour for a wedding, and the gold finishing's on the boat and the smart white uniforms show its a very upper-class classy boat. Presenting a bottle of wine, the camera uses a jump cut and an over the shoulder shot, from where the waiter shows the couple a bottle of wine, to it being a close up of just the bottle, meaning this wine could be important later in the film. The ending of this sequence is a mid shot of the couple sitting down looking into each others eyes, showing how much they love each other.