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Opening sequences research:

Opening sequences research Georgina Griffiths

Spider Man :

Spider Man Spiderman starts with the Marvel logo as the film is based on one of the comics. This is where the music starts and immediately speeds up collaborating with other instruments to give the film a bigger builder. The fast pace of the music connatates that is a fast pace film with lots of action. The screen then fades to black and the institutional details transition with CGI . T he font is very bold thick and unique and the edges are all sharp reminding you of a spider. This text then breaks away as if it’s fallen off or been punched. All the institutional details all flow together and follow a line to then show a web, relevant to the film as its about a spider-like man. The music then comes to a climax as the film title is shown in a bright silver colour meaning it’s a new amazing film and its name has an importance. The web with the title spins round to draw the audience’s eyes into the centre of the screen. To transition to the next shot the camera zooms into the web breaking away the title. The music intensifies here as the shots go from web to web making the audience more excited for the actual film. The camera then goes to a zoom shot making an illusion as if its going through a blood vessel indicating that there will be a bodyily function change in the film. The audience then sees a CGI hand punch through the web which signifies bravery because humans are usually afraid of spiders is seeing that he’s not scared indicates muscle strong and superhuman. The next shots are introducing his costume, which is covered in webs. This reveals why he’s not scared of the spiders because he is essentially a spider. The next shots are also showing his costume but in different aspects, the back and his head. The shot of the green goblin introduces the enemy of the story so it’s recognised straight away as bad. The last final shots are of webs going from building to building setting so the a udience knows the whole film in new york. I like the way the whole sequence flows and is relevant to the story and theme of spiders. I will keep the continuity when creating our opening sequence.

A Cinderella Story:

A Cinderella Story A Cinderella Story starts with the Warner Brothers logo to let the audience straight away know it’s a warner brothers production. The first shot of the sequences is using Track camera movement and shows a view of mountains. The music starts straight away and has a very fairy tale, uplifting sound as it comes to the next shot. The font is very old fashioned like fairy tales and fits in with the mountain surroundings. The last shot is of a castle with the film title in the centre, which draws the audiences eyes to the middle. The background goes well with the surroundings and fits with the old fashioned castle. The music comes to a climax here then quietens down as a narrators voiceover comes in. I liked the camera zoom in this film and the fact the music is so appropriate and fitting to the fairy-tale theme.

Step Up:

Step Up The start of the film starts by telling the audience it’s a Touchstone Picture, then shows the Summit Entertainment. The opening starts with a black screen but the noise of a door opening and talking and footsteps coming in. Then the picture comes up of a dance studio and dancers in ballet uniform already setting the scene for the rest of the film. The font of the writing is very clear, neat and spaced out just like how a dance should be. The sequence then changes to long shot of a street scene with a group of people the same age and an ambient sound of the street. The shot then goes back and fourth from the ballet scene to the street scene while the music starts. It’s a song called ‘Show Me The Money’ by Petey Pablo which is very fitting to both types of dance as it has a street dance style beat and lyrics although the use of violins and orchestra instruments are more fitting for the ballet scene. The sequence carries on flipping from the elegant ballet scene to the busy messy street scene. These two places are significant as they both show how dance can be inherited in different ways. For example the then the street scene are jumping in high heeled boots very messy whereas the ballet class are jumping with pointed feet carefully placed. The both show how the film will be split into two different types of dance. The next shot shows a car pulling up on the side of the road which isn't the nicest street telling the audience already that part of the films characters live in a lower class place of the city. The music in this last shot changes as 2 boys step out the car and walk into a party. This is telling the audience how the film is based of teenagers dancing and partying. The contrast between the two types of dance in very interesting in this and makes it suitable for more viewers.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Twilight The opening of Twilight is telling the audience it’s a Summit entertainment then goes into a short scene with the main character narrating how she’s moving from one place to another. The music then begins which is a song called ‘Full Moon’ by The Black Ghosts. This is ironic as the full story from all the films are about Vampires and Werewolves, who change there form in a full moon. The next shot shows a hot desert, again telling the audience it’s a summit entertainment production, it then changes to a cold mountain shot, panning forward with the film title in the centre. This is symbolic as it shows how the main character is moving from a hot place to a very cold. The font is very gothic which relates to the theme of vampires. I will use this research when deciding our opening sequence.

Home Alone 4:

Home Alone 4 This opening sequence starts with the name of the film and cheerful music straight away. The way that the ‘e’ in alone in lower case is to represent little defenceless Kevin in the family. The camera then zooms into the title and goes into the house. The next shot tells the audience straight away the film is set during Christmas time, which the music is relevant for. Then the characters start to speak as the music fades out, the scene starts with a shot of the mum at the top of the stairs which represents that she has power is the house. More music starts as another character passes the camera with a C D player, t he young teenage sort of song represents his youth. The fact the family is squabbling shows they are a very busy family but also very close. The girls costume is a representation of her youth that she still dresses up and takes part in school plays and also reminds the audience of the Christmas Season. The sequence then goes straight to a shot of a TV playing an old home movie, this is telling the audience how close the family is. Then panning the room, the shots are telling us how young the child is by his toys in his room and posters if space around. This is the last bit to the sequence as they’ve introduced the whole family to the film.


Titanic Titanic opens with non-diegetic music straight away. This type of calming music is fitting to the shots that come next. The shots are in sepia to let the audience know that the boat that’s being waved off is in the past and is stock footage. Being a true story the audience know that these shots are from when the actual Titanic sailed off, adding to the emotion of the music giving the film an emotional feel at the start. The text is a white plain font very simple as the film has so much emotion and drama the text just needs to be plain. Showing a shot of the water is relevant to the ending of the film where the crash and sinking happens, this is shown by when the title appears it’s meaning that the ship is in the water and where it still belongs today.

Johnny English:

Johnny English The opening of Johnny English is of the universal studios logo, then the screen zooms out to a blue sky and clouds to then show the studio canal logo and working title. The screen then fades and James bond type of music starts very fitting for the film about spies. The camera then pans past a group of bushes to show a close up shot of ‘Johnny’. This introduces him to the audience straight away as the Main character showing his importance. The text is centred at the bottom of the screen in a very clean bold font in a chrome style colour. This is relevant to the film as its very modern and new as you think a spy would be, up to date with all the latest shiny equipment. The shot then changes to a mid shot then long shot as he runs across a garden. The camera goes to a low canted angle as it shows Johnny up the stairs, The music then changes here to almost silent sound but with a slight background music to build tension as the audience thinks he’s been caught by dogs. Once he’s in the building the music stops again to build more tension as he may have been caught again. He speaks then the music continues as he runs up more stairs. The text is centred here to draws the audiences eyes to the middle of the screen to give the whole shot a straight angle. We will use the suitable music elements in our opening sequence like how all the music relates to the genre of this film. http://

Sweet Home Alabama:

Sweet H ome A labama Sweet Home Alabama starts off by the ‘Touchstone Pictures’ logo to show the production company. The music starts as this fades out and the film begins. The music starts off quite happy which contrasts with the cloudy thunder background, then as a flute joins the music it brings a more depressing feel to the music, which suits the weather conditions. The text is very plain but at the same time interesting as it has bold parts and different fonts to the words. The text moves from the left bottom corner to the right as the camera is panning right to left. This makes the audience read the writing because if it was in the centre the whole time it would get over looked and ignored. As the title of the movie appears, the music gets quieter and children’s voices play. From the children’s southern accent, the audience know where the films set straight away, as well as from the title. The title creates irony as its saying Alabama is a sweet home yet the weather is depressing, this shows that maybe its not the place that makes it sweet to the main character but the people the people there, hinting that she may have a love interest here. http://

P.S I Love You:

P.S I Love You This film starts off straight away with a kind of rock music before the film company is even shown, this shows that the song could be significant in the film. The Warner brother logo then comes up and then its just a black background with white text. This is very simple but fun showing what kind of film it is. The text being centred in the middle in every shot shoes continuity and adds to the simplexes of it all. All the simple elements give such a big effect as the audience is just listening to the music so when its played again in the film it shows significance. This is a good idea to for an opening sequence but I don’t think it will work for our film. http://

The Challenge:

The Challenge The challenge starts off with immediately telling the audience the film company logos for Dulstar and Tapestry. The music then starts with American teenage sort of guitar music, hinting to the audience what kind of age the characters are. The text is a bright yellow and centred to give the audience a focal point. The black background then fades to a beach shot telling the audience a setting for the film. The Text is in a simple block capital font also Italic, This then wipes to the left of the screen as the low camera angle shot pans to the ft then switches to a high canted angle shot of a girl running on the beach, this is immediately introducing a main character and a bigger shot of the setting. The black background with yellow writing then comes up again keeping continuity throughout the film but the writing starts on the right and wipes to the left, this transitions fits in with the girl running from right side of the beach to left. A mid shot of the girl is then shown again with text at the bottom left, indicating to the audience that she is the actress named at the bottom. The director then used mid shots as the girl is running through the beach till the film title is shown. The mise-en-scene in these shots are mainly just the costume and location. The beach wear costume obviously fits with the location and also the characters age as you wouldn’t find grown men running on the beach or older women. These transitions add some interest to the film and is a good idea for our opening sequence. http://