Is Omni-Channel Marketing Differ from Multi-Channel Marketing


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Omnichannel marketing is often mystified as multichannel marketing, though they’re separate strategies. Let us discuss how these two channels differ from each other.


What is omnichannel marketing? Omnichannel marketing revolves around the developing of a holistic view of customers experience regardless of the channel. This is based on the beliefs that most customers navigate between various touch points to make a single purchase. Businesses that use omnichannel marketing is engaging in multiple channels to relate with their customers through consistent and seamlessly integrated campaigns. It recognizes customer’s needed to explore different channels and places in the center of the strategy. Omnichannel strategy assumes that the immense mainstream of consumers will use multiple channels to engage with a single brand to make a purchasing decision. With all information available from the tip of our fingers, customers are more informed than ever and are much more scrupulous in doing their due diligence before committing to a purchase.


What is multi-channel marketing? Multichannel marketing seeks to maximize the performance of each channel and engage customers across multiple touch points. Multichannel marketing strategy is based on the assumption that customers have their preferred ways of interacting with a business. Those companies that use multichannel like social media or physical store to interact with customers. Some of them find a physical store as the most convenient way of shopping while others find online purchase much convenient at the comfort of their homes. Both businesses and customer’s preference may change depending on various factors. It is a more traditional interpretation of utilizing multiple sales opportunities to reach different types of audiences.


It also assumes that different types of customers are likely to shop for different channels and business should expand the number of selling channels to touch all different segments. Creating consistent customer communications by means of both omnichannel and multichannel marketing is critical. However, to proficiently create and manage digital assets and marketing content for all channels, businesses must optimize marketing strategy that can support customer’s needs. Knowing both of the omnichannel and multichannel are essentials to any company distributes marketing content by means of more than one channel. Nonetheless, it is important to keep marketing strategy consistent and relevant to customers. At the end, excellent customer experience matters. Now that the omni channel marketing and multichannel marketing are clarified, is there really a difference? What’s the overall impact to you?


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