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Timecard - An employee attendance & Time tracking management App to help improve & strengthen areas required to manage work remotely!


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5 Areas To Strengthen For Managing Remote Workforce Dealing with a team is intricate enough but handling a remote one is even more challenging. If you are not sure how to execute it precisely find out here what are the most vital areas to strengthen for managing a remote workforce. Managing a remote team can be tricky mainly if this is a new practice in your company. However with the right ​remote attendance monitoring system ​ you can enable your remote workers leading the execution of work swiftly and effectively. We know not all categories of businesses can take up seamless working from home. However the COVID-19 pandemic has forced into this resolution even those organizations that can however merely couldn’t take this big step earlier on their own. Some companies have taken working from home in an enhanced way with employee monitoring when compared to others. Still the scales incontestably tip in favor of those organizations that had prior experience in the same. This scenario can be made straightforward by having access to the accurate methodologies for secure collaboration quick communication and seamless project management through employee attendance software ​ or remote attendance monitoring system. Employee Attendance Software for Remote Teams If you are thinking about going utterly remote with your current or new teams there must be a number of queries on your mind as to how to make this new set up work without affecting the company’s future projects. ​It takes time to make precise setups to find the accurate tools build innovative processes or alter the earlier ones to fit the freshly designed scenarios.

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5 Areas To Strengthen For Managing Remote Workforce ​However one of the biggest concerns for a business owner is tracking and monitoring work activities done by employees remotely since you won’t be in the same physical place as your staff members. ​Is there an approach to making sure your employees are precisely doing the assigned work you pay them through their salaries. ​ Yes there is ​Time Card’s remote attendance monitoring system provides you a complete insight into what your employees are doing during the office hours and how productive their work is for their company. ​ However to ensure a high level of employee productivity you must focus on the below five areas to strengthen management of a remote workforce. Let’s see and explore what they are in actuality. 1 Swift and Easy Communication If you want to enhance the productive workforce even when they are doing their tasks remotely you must make sure effective communication. While you may think that it is an easier said than done task for teams that have never worked like that previous to multiple tools facilitate distributed workforce communication in all formats including written audio and video. ​Each of them has an extensive assortment of unique functionalities and features all created to accommodate a selection of customer requirements. They include messages well-organized in channels or threads for simple following or video and audio calls that enable effortless sync up within and amid teams in an organization. ​The more staff members you have the more critical is the requirement for this type of tool which can also be clubbed to employee attendance software. Useful communication tools are a beneficial addition to employee monitoring as you can keep track and monitor staff member’s task activities. ​As blended with a remote attendance monitoring system these communication tools lend a hand in creating an active work atmosphere quite related to one from the physical office. No work procedures require suffering just because you are not all in the same room more than ever if you bother to amalgamate the tools for even better access and enablement. 2 Effective Stakeholder Collaboration A professional collaboration software tool is significant for remote working and managing remote teams. Imagine this scenario all your distributed team is working mutually on a task

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5 Areas To Strengthen For Managing Remote Workforce that needs every staff member to add project information to one file so that all are in the loop about that particular project’s progress. ​Here to collaborate and ensure remote productivity software tools that can assist this procedure should be enabled without interruption in access and joint contribution from each team member and even other stakeholders. ​What you require are just cloud-based documents presentations sheets designs or video editing software tools that allow smooth collaboration amongst the team members. ​We all know and use the standard Google’s set of tools that work in this precise way with all knowledge and information contributed at any time and from anywhere. ​While there are more professional tools obtainable with sufficient focus and more alternatives it is a decent starting point for flourishing remote workforce management along with enablement of the remote attendance monitoring system. 3 ​Enable Project Management As technology transforms so do our working abilities and processes. Earlier the project teams used whiteboards and colorful flowing charts along with diagrams that assigned managers used to draw in front of everyone else for assigning tasks. As we have moved on from old-style offices to our study room tables we have found legacy project planning tools should be substituted. ​These days companies have turned to cloud-based project management solutions that are accessible to all employees with the simple and quick click of a button from any place. ​If you are thinking about handling a remote workforce and finding digital tools that can actually be useful in this respect you can have access to multiple devices in the marketplace. ​ These tools are shaped to offer you a complete overview and control over every staff member’s workload which includes present upcoming and past tasks. It also includes progress reports the tempo of assigned work collaboration degree and skill-sets used and much more. ​Every project management software has its own set of functionalities that separates it from others with the changing level of intricacy and simplicity of use. ​ However relying on the team members you want to introduce to a tool and their requirements you will find an enhanced or a bad match. A capable employee monitoring software can point to any problems in using such tools as it is clear to reflect well or feebly on work outputs. However it all comes down to trying new techniques for expected results.

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5 Areas To Strengthen For Managing Remote Workforce ​For instance programming teams will prefer multifaceted tool though they are involved with their working concepts while sales or marketing teams are more often than not more relaxing with using easy to manage devices for their assigned tasks. 4 Facilitate Attendance Tracking and Employee Monitoring ​If it is your prevalent concern on how to monitor employee progress and overall productivity then this category of the tool will be most imperative on the list. While some people disagree that remote team managers just don’t have a similar influence as their in-office equivalent we diverge. It all depends on the managers and their management style the approach they allot tasks the friendliness and the live examples they set and their culture in the remote teams. However both setups admire the assistance they receive from time tracking and monitoring software to sustain enhanced control of the employees and their accountabilities. We admit it is trickier to track remote workers’ working hours so the organization should focus on result-oriented tasks at the end of the day. Tools like Time Card give you an insight into all these kinds of stuff and much more. It assists in enabling remote employee management however it also increases the company’s work productivity. All Time Card clients have confirmed that they have had the highest productivity levels after switching to our solution which enabled their financial performance. 5 Offer Higher Quality Equipment ​The remote companies are offering working equipment to their employees working remotely to compensate entirely or partially if any of their staff members purchases laptops headphones or any other thing related to company work. It would be useful for other organizations to follow this approach if they have enough financial means for the same. Not only does that make employees feel cherished and pleasing but it also boosts loyalty to the organization itself and works productivity using new hardware. Besides equipment the remote teams require enhanced internet connection. It is an indication of professionalism to make sure people can follow when you are conversing in a meeting and always obtainable while the set working hours. Disruption deprived understanding and unavailability are not acceptable in this specialized corporate world so a steady internet connection while working is a need. Key Takeaways

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5 Areas To Strengthen For Managing Remote Workforce At this point investing in the remote attendance monitoring system and other tools has turned a necessity for all organizations that want to run lucratively with a remote workforce and make sure they are in attendance for the future business opportunities. For managers handling remote teams and employee monitoring can be a blessing or their most horrible nightmare. All rely on their skill-sets in terms of human engagement time management and professionalism. ​It is practical to have the whole organization using the same tools however if you need added ones for specific team tasks you can always add other stakeholders to work together. From Team Timecard

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