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Different Options for Internet-On- The-Go

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Nowadays you see almost every crowd comprising a good number of people chugging laptops or tablets wherever they go.  These people get internet access in a variety of ways: free Wi-Fi at public hotspots a mobile broadband device installed directly in their laptops or a hotspot device they can carry around which lets them access cellular data from virtually anywhere. While Wi-Fi and 3g go hand in hand you may be faced with having to choose between the two especially if there are budgetary constraints technological limitations etc which need to be factored in.

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Wi-Fi Hotspots These places are open to public use and let you access the internet on their network while you are there. P r o s: Most place charge nothing for using their internet and they can be found easily in suburban and urban areas. You can also buy food and drinks in the vicinity. C o n s : The establishment may require you to spend in other ways to be eligible to access their internet think Starbucks.  Wi-Fi hotspots also tend to remain unsecured in terms of encryption.  You also need to locate the hotspot and then stay within range of the router or repeater for as long as you wish to be online.

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Cyber Cafes Internet cafes let you use their computers for hourly rates and sometimes they even give you access to Wi-Fi internet. P r o s : There is no need to be carrying a device with you because the café has got your covered there.  They would also have peripherals hooked up for you to use such as printers scanners and webcams.  Here too you can buy food and drinks. C o n s : There are fewer internet cafes than there are Wi-Fi hotspots and using a terminal in such a place could get expensive unless you finish quickly.  There is also the issue of many of these systems being exposed to malware.

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Tethering Some cellular networks let you turn your cell phone into a modem and then connect this to your laptop or tablet. Pros: You can access the internet almost anywhere consider the availability of cellular signals.  Web surfing is more secure this way and lastly you may be able to pull this off without paying extra fees. Cons: Some areas may not have reception in which case this would not work.  When it does come through you find it to be slower than every other form of internet use.  Lastly some carriers do charge extra on their cell phone plans for the option to use tethering.

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Mobile Broadband Using either a USB modem or a built-in broadband card you would be able to access the internet on your laptop no matter where you are. P r o s : Being any place with cellular reception allows you to go online and the speeds rival what you would get from residential DSL. C o n s : There are many areas where reception is non- existent which means you would have to either move to another place or find an alternative way to connect.  Another issue is that data usage is often capped at around 5 GB monthly.

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