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GetProvider will help you know about the rental fee in an internet plan. If you want to know more about the different packages and pricing, visit


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R E N T A L F E E I N A N   I N T E R N E T P L A N

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R E N T A L F E E You find internet service providers that charge extra for renting out a modem router or both.  This is not much of a “hidden” fee especially when signing up initially.  However many people tend to overlook it much to their financial detriment. Renting is easy but most ISPs charge inordinately often to the tune of 10-15 a month.   That said owning a modem or router that is compatible with your service choice can be a good thing in the long term but the upfront cost will no doubt seem steep.

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R E N T A L F E E You may be able to get the money back after a year or so and buy and start using a branded and compatible wireless router. When buying your own equipment you need to ensure it works with the services you are getting.  Double check with the provider to see if there will be connectivity issues after you set it up and if there is ask them if they can sell you a modem router combo that is guaranteed to work.

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F I N D I N G R E N T A L F E E I N F O R M A T I O N You generally find internet service providers to be upfront about the need for renting equipment. The only problem is almost every provider puts this information in a different place on their website. There are many possible stops you can make online for said information such as the following.

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F I N D I N G R E N T A L F E E I N F O R M A T I O N The provider’ s equipment page The provider’ s plan details and options page Their service support page A page listing “authorized devices” A page listing the terms of service

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F I N D I N G R E N T A L F E E I N F O R M A T I O N If you have equipment you can use then see if the provider has a site dedicated to information regarding its compatibility.  Some of the bigger Telcos have pages where you have the option to order compliant internet accessories right off the bat.  The catch with some ISPs is that they may require you to use solely their equipment as part of the requirement for service guarantee so you should be aware if this is the case.  If none of this goes anywhere call them up and ask how you can get the needed equipment.

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D A T A L I M I T F E E S The average internet user does a variety of things online such as stream videos look through social media pages pay bills etc.  All this usage still leaves them on the safe side of the data limit.  However many users burn through data a lot faster than this which is why they need a proportionally high data allowance per month which of course would cost more.  The data caps and fees would vary based on the provider you chose to go with although extra data is usually charged at around 10 for 50 GB.

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