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SATELLITE INTERNET VS. CABLE INTERNET Satellite internet is one of the many types of internet service people use these days.

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RELIABILITY Satellite internet signals can easily be blocked by anything solid or even bad weather sunspots or thunderstorms.  Taken generally high speed cable internet is more reliable by far.  It transmits signals via physical cables which are consequently harder to interrupt.  In actuality though cable interruptions are fairly common and avoiding these entails signing up with a reliable provider.

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AVAILABILITY Cable internet is available almost anywhere that you can get TV service.  This makes it available to a lion’s share of consumers in the country but those in remote and rural areas usually get left out.  Satellite internet although less well-known can be accessed anywhere that is open to the sky even in remote and rural areas.  People in large cities may not find this very useful but many rural communities consider it as a lifeline.

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SPEED Cable internet download speeds can be anywhere between 20 and 100 Mbps with several companies offering the latter.  However the upload speeds are generally very low and usually only reach up to 5 Mbps.  At peak traffic time this can bring down your download speed.  Still high speed cable internet scores higher than high speed satellite internet in this respect which only bring you 35 Mbps of download speed and 2 Mbps of upload speed.  This is more than sufficient for checking your email and surfing the web but something more data-intensive such as high-graphics gaming can cause lags aplenty.

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SERVICE COSTS Cable internet subscriptions charges vary with location and provider although bundling services can earn you serious discounts.  There may also be an installation fee.  Satellite internet costs more per month and requires you to buy a satellite dish from the provider.  This also brings an installation fee along with additional costs in case you decide to avail higher service speeds.

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