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S A T E L L I T E I N T E R N E T Satellite internet is one of the many types of internet service people use these days. Mainly preferred in remote and rural areas it is often the only way that a person living in either can gain access to the internet.

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W H A T I S S A T E L L I T E I N T E R N E T High speed satellite internet is made available through the transmission and reception of data between a satellite dish at the subscriber’s end and a geostationary satellite placed 36000 km 22000 miles above the surface of the Earth directly over the equator.  The satellite sends information to a station called the NOC which is short for Network Operations Center and receives data from it as well.  The NOC stays connected to the internet or a private network facilitating the flow of all communications from the satellite dish towards the orbiting satellite.  When you enter the URL of web page in your browser the satellite acquires data from the NOC and then sends it your satellite dish in the form of radio waves.

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W H O M D O E S I T W O R K B E S T F O R With the arrival of high-speed fiber internet a lot of people have gained access to blazing internet speeds that allow seamless HD streaming online gaming and data downloads in homes and offices.   This has made it the most preferred business internet solution at present.  The catch though is that fiber is not available everywhere at least not yet.  Limited availability forces many consumers to look for alternatives that afford similar benefits and that is where high speed satellite internet comes into the picture.  The best thing about satellite internet service is that anyone with a clear view of the southern sky can get it.

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H O W M U C H S P E E D D O Y O U N E E D Where speed and cost are concerned satellite internet can leave you feeling like you picked the short straw.  Being said that it is important to understand how much speed you actually need in your home or office.  25 Mbps download speed for instance means you can get 25 megabits into your machine every second while upload speeds signify how much data can be sent online in the same interval.  High speed satellite internet providers tout maximum bandwidth while advertising their plans.

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H O W M U C H S P E E D D O Y O U N E E D “Bandwidth” is the highest speed your connection can deliver and this would be different from the actual speed you get at a given time which depends on your connection what time of day it is and environmental factors.  Generally 1 Mbps download speeds are sufficient for basic web browsing and even some light file downloading thrown in.  A connection that gives you 5 Mbps download speed allows more than one users to do moderate browsing download files and stream standard-definition video and audio.  With 15 Mbps download speed you can raise the number of users and not feel a drop in speed while 25 Mbps download speed can accommodate several users simultaneously.

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