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A SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE Fixed wireless internet connection is considered as one of the most effective alternatives to satellite internet in remote and rural parts of the US.  However the major downfall was that this type of internet connection was limited to rural areas until a few years ago but that is not the case anymore.

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A SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE Customers who are new to the world of internet connection and providers might not be familiar with wireless internet service.  If you are not familiar with the internet connectivity options available to you then you might not be able to make an informed buying decision.  This might in turn prevent you from acquiring the best internet deals in the market.

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Fixed wireless internet connection is sometimes confused with high-speed satellite internet connection which is the major reason why several customers have not heard about the former type of internet connection. In simple words fixed wireless broadband can be defined as an internet connection type which incorporates the use of radio waves in order to deliver internet to businesses and homes. WHAT IS WIRELESS INTERNET

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This means that most of the wireless internet service providers in the country use radio waves to transmit data instead of fiber optic cables or traditional cable wires.  The receiver serves the crucial purpose of communicating with the wireless base station near your location.  This in turn gives you access to the internet with the help of a cable that carries broadband signal from the receiver to the wireless router at your place. WHAT IS WIRELESS INTERNET

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Fixed wireless internet service is relatively a lot different from fiber optic DSL and other types of internet connections.  If you are able to find the best wireless internet provider in your area and strike a good deal with them then the expert customer service technicians from the company will initially install a receiver on your office or home.  For instance if an office of your business enterprise is located in one of the remote parts of the country then subscribing to the best wireless internet provider near you will allow you to enjoy numerous benefits. FIXED WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE

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This type of internet service is commonly available in all the rural parts of the United States.  This is because setting up the required infrastructures for other high-speed internet services such as DSL and cable can be a little bit expensive in such areas.  As transporting cable wires and burying them in the ground means internet providers will have to make a huge investment and gather the necessary permits to do so this might not be a simple straightforward task. FIXED WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE

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DEMAND Even if the leading internet service providers in the country went through all these troubles to set up a high-speed DSL cable or fiber optic internet network the revenue generated in these parts of the country would be relatively less which is not good for business.  On the other hand the cost of setting up infrastructures for wireless internet connection is relatively cheap.  So the financially viable option is to set up a wireless internet service in less populated or urban parts of the country.

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