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1 INTRODUCTION Note that when it comes to streaming download speed is more important than upstream speed. 2 Verizon® and Comcast® are the two ISPs that offer the best options in that regard. 3 There are several internet providers in the US market which offer high- speed internet plans for streaming video content through respective platforms for that.

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VERIZON FIOS® FOR SPEED AND CONNECTIVITY Verizon® provides different speed tier plans with sharing options through Wi-Fi enabled devices in their internet service delivered over 100 percent fiber-optic network. Its starter plan offers 100 megabits per second speed with options to share it to one to three wireless-enabled devices which is ideal for a small number of users or limited streaming of channels in Fios® cable. The Fios® 940 Mbps plan on the other hand offers better speed and options to stream channels on 100 devices simultaneously. With more downstream speed users can access higher resolution video content in fast streaming time. However if your streaming requirement is less or Fios® is not available in your area you may want to consider Verizon’s DSL internet service instead.

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COMCAST XFINITY® FOR BUNDLE PLANS WITH BETTER PRICING Providing a competition to Verizon Fios’s double play or triple bundles is Xfinity® which is the subsidiary of Comcast®. Note that both companies offer speed tier plans but Comcast’s internet pricing is more affordable. Both companies offer Gbps internet plans but there could be speed fluctuations or little to no availability depending on the location you live in. Comcast’s 350 Mbps plan offer streaming up to a dozen devices and is available in more areas than their 1 and 2 Gbps plans which are yet to be made available in their nationwide footprint.

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BUNDLE PLANS WITH BETTER PRICING While Verizon Fios® offers 100 Mbps internet with 15 channels at 54.99 a month. Comcast Xfinity® starter plan with same speed offers over 100 channels at just 49.99 a month. The former ISP offers streaming facility on multiple devices without any contracts. The latter offers more channels but with a 12-month subscription.

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