5 questions which car owners usually ask about car warranties (FAW)

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Five questions which car owners usually ask about car warranties You shop around and work hard mentally to get the best deal while purchasing your dream car. You decide everything and complete all the formalities of your vehicle but wait did you give a single second to think about the auto warranty If no then what if your car breaks down or faces any problem then what will you do in that condition if you don’t have an extended car warranty. Here are the few questions which car owners should ask on car warranty before purchasing their dream car. What does my car warranty covers While purchasing the car policy you should check what it covers or not usually a car warranty cover car’s engine cooling system fuel system steering ignition system and other electronics or products for a particular period. What is the duration of my car warranty The car warranties depend on the manufacturers as different manufacturers will provide you different plans for a certain number of miles or a specified period. Like for example for three years 30000 miles for four years 40000 miles and so on. Should I need to buy an extended warranty on my car while the manufacturer warranty is still running on Yes buying an extended car warranty while the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect is an excellent idea the sooner you purchase the extended warranty the cheaper deal you’ll get. On the other hand the coverage also increases more than the manufacturer’s warranty. What items are not covered under extended car warranty The items which are not covered under extended warranty are brake linings wiper tiers and any change in oil. On the other hand if you don’t take care of your car and gets damage in the event of tornadoes hurricane or earthquake such issues are not covered under extended auto warranty. Do I need extended warranty You might need the extended warranty on your vehicle it depends entirely on your driving suppose you drive 40000 a miles and the coverage you got from the company is 40000 miles per year then above that which you will drive there will be no coverage for that so if your driving is more or your travel more the extended car warranty is the best idea.