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The All-Time Favorite Costumes from Hollywood :

Gorgeous costumes are as much a part of Hollywood movies as direction, acting, and musical score. It is thus little wonder that there is a category in the Oscar presentation for costumes. From Marilyn Monroe to Vivien Leigh, from Audrey Hepburn to Rita Hayworth, actresses have initiated fashion statements that are much followed even today. Replicas of the dresses are still a guaranteed head-turner, regardless of whether it is at a formal do or a Halloween party. The All-Time Favorite Costumes from Hollywood

Here are some of the all-time favorite costumes from Hollywood. :

Here are some of the all-time favorite costumes from Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe  The white “flying” dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the movie The Seven Year Itch had acquired iconic status and is still a benchmark to emulate among Hollywood stars and fashion designers. The picture of Monroe trying to keep the dress down has been etched in the mind of generations since the movie was released in 1955. The dress is not very elaborate but its simple design will make any woman today look chic and elegant.  Audrey Hepburn  When “the little black dress” is talked about in films,  Audrey Hepburn costume  in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s first comes to mind. The dress was designed by famous Frenchman Hubert De Givenchy who incidentally was a good friend of Hepburn. The original design was partly modified by the producers as it was considered too risqué. 

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Julia Roberts What has kept the eyes of women glued to the screen in Pretty Woman? While the character of Edward Lewis played by Richard Gere is a possibility, no less is the role of Julia Roberts. It is hard to forget the scene where she appears as Vivian Ward, Cinderella-style in a décolletage-revealing off-shoulder elegant red gown, complemented by elbow length white gloves.  Elizabeth Taylor Any person who has seen Elizabeth Taylor in the role of Cleopatra , the queen of Egypt, in the movie of the same name cannot possibly miss the range of dazzling dresses she wore. But what took the cake was the amazing gold dress even though it is very hard to choose one gown as the piece de resistance in Cleopatra.  

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Michelle Pfeiffer   The spaghetti-strap slip dress that is such a rage even today was first seen in the 1983 iconic mob movie Scarface where Michelle Pfeiffer played Elvira Hancock. The skin baring maxi dresses worn by Elvira as wife of Cuban refugee Montana matched well with her slim shape.  Hollywood has never been short of glamour, the bold, and the beautiful and costumes have played a major part in this enigma.

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