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Dressing Kids to Keep Them Comfortable :

Dressing Kids to Keep Them Comfortable When you are having kids with you, their clothes will take up a lot of your time. Sorting through ones that don’t fit them anymore, buying new ones, washing them and putting them away, the list is almost endless. As a mom, you should also know that clothes have an important role to play in keeping them comfortable and free of injuries. A pant that keeps falling off and trips the kids is a big no-no. Just as adults should be properly outfitted for work, kids too should be suitably dressed for play and other activities. Here are a few tips for children’s’ clothes that will keep them happy and at ease.

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Make sure that clothes are flexible Kids’ clothes should pass the bend-twist test. It is no fun if children cannot run, jump, twist and move around freely because they are restricted by what they are wearing. Further, when kids are bending down or reaching up, the clothes should not slide up or down and show off too much skin. Buy clothes that are soft and stretchy with waistbands as that will stop the dress from sliding down. Unless you are dressing up the kids for any occasion, the outfits should not be flowing with too much material as the excess stuff can get caught around the kids, restricting their mobility. Bike shorts, leggings, dresses or skirts lead to maximum comfort in kids.

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Buy clothes a size bigger You should try and get the most out of your kids’ clothes and you can do that by getting a size bigger dress. Children grow up fast and buying clothes that are just the right size and shrink after a couple of washes will lead to limited mobility. Clothes like adjustable jeans should be your preferred option. While this aspect can be right for regular play-wear, keep separate clothes for parties and special events. A  kids Audrey Hepburn dress , a replica of the one that the actress wore in the opening scene of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s should not be baggy and falling off the shoulders. The right size should be bought as it is onetime wear and not for everyday use.

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Choose clothes that can be easily changed Children’s clothes have to be continuously changed, sometimes twice or thrice a day either due to dirt and dust after a tumble or because of sweating from excess humidity. Hence, the outfits should be such that they can be changed easily and quickly, being pulled down or pulled up over the head. Tricky buttons with small head holes or tight clothes should be avoided. The rule of thumb is to buy clothes that kids can take off easily without having to maneuver around difficult-to-handle zips and snaps. Keep these guidelines in mind when you buy clothes for your kids the next time around.

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