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Relive the Hollywood magic of the 60s. Buy replicas of dresses, jewelry, and accessories from Audrey Hepburn’s iconic movies – only from Utopiat. Browse our collection of 5-strand pearl necklaces, earrings, and the classic black Givenchy dress. Now, mini Hepburn collection too for your princess!


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Some vintages trends never go out of fashion :

Some vintages trends never go out of fashion Present day individuals especially the ones that dwell in urban locales are continuously seeking new fashion trends in order to reinvent their wardrobe. They curiously sift through fashion magazines and blogs looking out for the next "in" thing that will redefine their style. The gamut of latest tips by the so-called fashion aficionados, more often than not, confuses them. They end up losing the basic essence of their innate style by blindly following new trends.

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One can find rehashed versions of old patterns in the market on a regular basis. However, there are some vintage trends that remain immortal just like  Audrey Hepburn black dress costume . Such timeless pieces look good on anyone irrespective of the year it is. In this article, we examine 3 of those immortal style patterns and the reason you may need to deliberately consider them.

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Floral prints -  Flower designs are something that is around from decades as well as something that definitely gives you a handy option for all seasons. A floral pattern is not made for a specific occasion and therein lays its strength.  You can simply wear it in style anywhere and it will do the job, admirably winning you several compliments. If you are not the kind to flaunt a seemingly garish floral print, it’s time you reevaluate your style quotient as you are missing on something really great. If worn the right way with the appropriate accessories, these beautiful prints can add to your appeal regardless of your body shape.

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Military prints -  One of the most enduring fashion trends, the military print is a sure-shot way to establish yourself as the style icon of your group. Whether you are a ramp model or the homely girl next door, camouflage prints are an absolute necessity with regards to your winter closet. They add that ideal punch to the profound tints of winter clothes. Imagine yourself in a cold shoulder military jacket, along with high boots flaunting the rocks the lampshade look.  Isn't the idea stylishly alluring?

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Typically known as a 70’s thing, polka dots have established itself as a sort of permanent fixture in the fashion world. Coy, retro and unconventional, polka dots are indeed a style for every season. Dissimilar to other vintage patterns, polka spots offer a fascinating alternative for blending and coordinating with other striking hues. Astute and reasonable utilization of this print can enable you to accomplish different attractive styles . You can certainly review all these design patterns from how they used to be decades prior and how they are at present. In spite of a few alterations here and there, the trends continue as before and one can't resist the urge to cherish them.

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