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Video Magic Player – Are you Using Videos for your Online Marketing Business Video Magic Player is a beautiful video player that allows you to use mock-ups of the highest quality whilst still using your existing YouTube and Vimeo videos. Video Magic Player Overview  Homepage: Video Magic Player Official Site  Product Name: Video Magic Player  Type of Product: Cloud-Based Host Service  Authors: Costas Mary  Target niche: Video Marketing Optimization No need to upload your videos to our servers. You can continue to use your effective and well ranked YouTube videos within our player. This also helps you with SEO rankings on your site By enhancing your videos and setting them inside these beautiful settings you will increase engagement interaction send traffic where it needs to go boosting leads sales and income.  Official Price: 17  Special Discount: 35-OFF HERE It’s very limited  Bonuses: EXCLUSIVE You will get any of the bonus packs in below: o GIANT Bonuses Pack 1 o SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2 o ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3 o HUGE Bonuses Pack 4 o MEGA Bonuses Pack 5 What Is Video Magic Player Anyone who is serious about marketing online is now using videos.

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There are countless resources out there to help you create effective sales videos and video content resulting in more leads and more sales. However to really stand out from the crowd presenting your video in relatable and high quality surroundings is becoming more and more important. The problem is up until now you have had to use complicated software to create the surroundings then jump to another software to create videos with engaging marketing features. Then there is the headache of marrying the two together. Placing calls-to-action sales buttons and opt-in forms in video players is nothing new. However with this stunning new software that process has now become "beautifully simple" You no longer need to navigate page after page diving deep into settings to add these to your video. Infact with this powerful software its all right there step by step within a click of creating your video. Introducing: Video Magic Player Video Magic Player is a beautiful video player that allows you to use mock-ups of the highest quality whilst still using your existing YouTube and Vimeo videos. You can use it from anywhere you have internet access and it is automatically updated with new features regularly as customers request them you never have to wait for the next / new version. How Does Video Magic Player Work Special Features of Video Magic Player: Easy Navigation Menu

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A super simple side navigation menu takes you where you need to be at any time. It is constantly there throughout every process within Video Magic Player App ensuring nothing is more than a click away Step By Step Campaign Set Up It couldnt be any easier to set up your campaign you simply just follow the intuitive system from start to finish and before you know it you will have an incredible video displayed within a stunning High Definition mock up. Choose Mock Up And Play Button Choose from a number of stunning High Definition mock ups from Macbooks to Smart Watches Phones Tablets and even cameras. If autoplay isnt your thing kick start your viewer with an enticingly alluring play button.

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Grab Leads From Your Video You can now grab leads from right inside your videos using our opt-in box builder. Simply click fill in content and customize. Select your auto responder and put in your form ID and you can now build your list while broadcasting your message to the world with Video Magic Player Monetize Your Videos Monetize your videos simply and easily with the Video Magic Player "Buy Button" feature. Upload your own or use one of our DFY selection and have viewers go from just simply watching to pulling out their cards and buying.

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Uses YouTube Hosted Videos No need to upload your videos to their servers. You can continue to use your effective and well ranked YouTube videos within their player. This also helps you with SEO rankings on your site WordPress and Blog Friendly With their WordPress Plug-In you can display videos beautifully within your blogs without the need for other fancy plug ins or expensive add ons. Mobile And Tablet Friendly With over 50 of video traffic now streaming to mobile devices Video Magic Player has been designed to be mobile friendly Add Banners To Your Videos Get your viewers attention by putting banners over your videos these can appear at any time you choose and direct wherever you want your viewer to got Enjoy Even Better SEO By using your videos based off YouTube you can rank even higher on google thanks to the way their algorithm works. This means higher rankings and better SEC results than videos hosted elsewhere. Or Your Existing Vimeo Videos Do you use Vimeo as well No problem at all. Video Magic Player is compatible with Vimeo videos as well meaning no existing video is left behind Just simply drop the link into Video Magic Player and let them make it beautiful

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Premium Cloud Based Software There is no need to install anything on your computer. This premium cloud based software means you can log in on any device online and get creating Syncs With Major A/Rs Video Magic Player allows you to gather leads by putting opt-ins over your videos. They have built Video Magic Player to sync with all major Autoresponders Plus Calls-To-Action Direct your viewers to affiliate offers squeeze pages or anywhere you need them to go and get them to take action with their built in CTA buttons And World Class Support If you or your customers have anything to ask about Video Magic Player they are here to help. Their dedicated support desk ensures you can spend more time running your business and doing whats important to you How It Works: U pd a t i ng… Who Should Use Video Magic Player U pd a t i ng… Why Should You Get Video Magic Player Now

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YouTube and Vimeo are great... But for us marketers the standard embedded video players lack some essential key features we need and adding them as is to our sales pages landing pages or even our blog posts looks a little unprofessional. Here is The Solution... Use Video Magic Player on all of your sites it works on regular pages and WordPress and create unlimited players NO hosting fees NO racking up excess plays fees - Nothing Just look what Video Magic Player can do: - Uses YouTube or Vimeo Hosted Videos - Add Banners and Buy Buttons To ANY Video - WordPress and Blog Friendly - Mobile And Tablet Friendly - Syncs With Major Autoresponders - Premium Cloud Based Software And more... And now after revealing all the features inside Video Magic Player they are not about to stop there. They are including a very valuable bonus designed to enhance your result with Video Magic Player. Exclusive Bonuses From Video Magic Player

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Conclusion Try Out Video Magic Player Today I’ m sure... youll like what you see and theres nothing to lose

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