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Microsoft MB-400 Dumps PDF

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How To Pass Microsoft MB-400 Exam Pass Microsoft Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer Exam with good grades with learning our actual MB-400 exam dumps

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Gratisdumps Microsoft Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Developer Get Certified With And Easy Way

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Microsoft MB-400 Sample Questions Question:1 You need to detail a business process for streaming the customer editing process for account representatives. Which two actions should you perform Each correct answer presents a partial solution.NOTE:Eachcorrectselectionisworthonepoint. A .Navigate to the All Customer form for the Accounts receivable module and select the appropriatecustomeraccount. B. Navigate to the account r e p r e se n tati v e ’ s workspace and select the appropriate customer account. C.SelecttheformandthenselectHide. D.HideInvoiceaccountfromtheview. Answer:AD

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Microsoft MB-400 Sample Questions Question:2 You need to determine why the sales associate is not able to see M u n s o n ’s in the searchresults.Whatisthecauseoftheissue A.Thesearchcriteriaissearchingforonlynamesthatareexactly ‘pick l e s ’. B. The search criteria is only able to search by the shortened search name of the customer. C.Thesearchcriteriaissearchingforallcustomernamesthatstartwith ‘pickl e s ’. D.Thesearchcriteriaiscasesensitive. Answer:C

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Microsoft MB-400 Sample Questions Question:3 You need to configure the system for account representatives. Which two actions should you perform Each correct answer presents a partial solution. NOTE: Each correctselectionisworthonepoint. A.Recreatethejobalertasachange-basedalert. B.Enablechange-basedalerts. C.Increasethebatchjobrunningfrequency. D.Specifythebatchserverforthealertnotificationsjob. Answer:AB

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Microsoft MB-400 Sample Questions Question:4 You need to connect the Excel instance to the Relecloud production instance. What shouldyoudo A. Set the server URL to Microsoft.Dynamics.Platform.Integration.Office.Url Viewer Applet. B.SettheserverURLto C.SettheAppCorrelationIDto D. Set the App Correlation ID to the App Id in the Dynamics 365 Office App Parameters. Answer:B

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