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OUR WATER RESTORATION SERVICE We are your go-to company when you’ re stuck with water damage in your property. Our professional staff is capable of helping you promptly in Gilbert AZ. We have almost three decades of experience and can provide you with a custom water restoration service as per your situation. Water damage is never a pretty sight. It comes loaded with a plethora of issues ranging from mold formation to structural damage. Our water restoration service is divided into components water extraction water damage assessment water damage restoration and ensuring mold prevention. We immediately begin water extraction. Once that’ s complete our staff will assess the damage and immediately take measures to ensure that water damage is contained. The team comes equipped with the proper tools and equipment for the job and hence can execute different tasks effectively and efficiently.

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TIMELY WATER EXTRACTION Our team of professionals will quickly begin water extraction phase of our water restoration service to prevent further damage to the property. The idea is to remove the water from the site as soon as possible so that the water damage assessment can begin and drying can start. We come equipped with the appropriate equipment that enables us to readily and efficiently extract water from the site. Once water extraction is completed we move to water damage assessment phase of our water restoration service.

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WATER DAMAGE ASSESSMENT Generally water appears to be harmless. It can be cleaned up and you can move on with your life right However this changes when the water has been allowed to stand for hours in a place. The damage rises exponentially in such cases. Your carpet the paint and even structure could be taking damage. Water also seeps into walls and furniture and can facilitate mold formation. As you can see it is imperative that you get a reliable water damage assessment so that the water restoration is thorough. Our team will inspect the area for the following damages •    Mold •    Wood Rot •    Foundation Damage

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STRUCTURAL DRYING Now that the water extraction and water damage assessment is complete the team will make use of its equipment to ensure speedy structural drying. We make sure that proper ventilation is provided in the area and expedite the drying process by making use of dehumidifiers and fans. Drying and especially structural drying is crucial to containing water damage and restoring the area to its former glory. Drying needs to happen right away and must be expedited as much as possible otherwise you run the risk of mold infestation. Our team is aware of the risk and shall go above and beyond to win this race against the time.

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WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION Last but not the least our technicians will get to work on restoring your building and items. The team is trained and licensed and capable of delivering optimal results.

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REASONS FOR HIRING US Check out the following reasons for hiring us in Gilbert AZ - 24/7 Availability - A Fully Insured Licensed Water Restoration Company - You Will Be Talking To A Real Person - Direct Insurance Billing Is Available - Certified In Water Restoration/ Mold Damage - Incredible Customer Care

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