Urethane Casting By Gennki Group

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Gennki group use Urethane Casting which is a low volume process used for combining the strength and finishes injection molding, successfully bridges the gap between alternative low-cost methods.


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GENNKI Features The Best Mockup Machining And Stamping Tooling For Industrial Manufacturing

About Us:

About Us Gennki Group is a china based company which is featured in the best mockup machining and stamping tooling for industrial manufacturing. We at Gennki Group, are serving customers across the globe according to their requirements. Our area of manufacturing includes rapid prototype, injection mold/molding, die casting molds/production, stamping tool/production, and assembly. Our teams are highly efficient, productive, and has given impressive results .

Product Range:

Product Range

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Contact Us Address: Room 621, No. 2008, Huqingping Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai Mail to: [email protected] Email: +86 139 1628 9264