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INTRODUCTION: Fingerprint as a means of personal identification is a positive science. Every human being carries with an certain physical marks specially the ridges and furrows formed at the smooth surface of the hand which do not change their character by which they can be identified without any doubt or question these marks are their signature and these cannot be counterfeited, nor can be disguise it or hide it away.   The delicate line or corrugations with which nature marks at the insides of hands and soles of the feet. Accordingly to a study, fingerprint will start to develop during 3 rd to 4 th month of fatal life of a person and continue to exist until the final decomposition due to death. Many criminal tries to efface their fingerprint to cancel their identities either by burning it with acid or surgical removing but their effort is no place of success.


10/11/2015 3 1.Core 1.Core 2.Upper end of ridge 2.Upper end of ridge 3.Bifurcation 3.Bifurcation 14 ridge count 4.Bifurcation 4.Bifurcation 14 ridge count 5.Delta (Bifurcation ) 5.Delta (Bifurcation ) 6.Downward end of ridge 6.Downward end of ridge 7.Downward end of ridge 7.Downward end of ridge 8.Bifurcation 8.Bifurcation 9.Short ridge 9.Short ridge 10.Dot 10.Dot


A photograph showing an enlargement of the questioned fingerprint that was marked as the “Latent Print” while “Known Print” is an enlargement of a photograph of the fingerprint impression of the middle finger of Ms. Honey Carl Poligrates y Maputol alias Cacarl left hand . The ten points of identical characteristic between the two impressions that there were five classes of characteristics, namely: The core, ending ridge, bifurcation, short ridge and dot which were marked on the photographs as follows are: 1.Core, 2.Upper end of ridge, 3.Bifurcation, 4.Bifurcation, 5.Delta (bifurcation), 6.Downward end of ridge, 7.Downward end of ridge, 8.Bifurcation, 9.Short ridge , and 10.Dot, including with the same ridge count of 14 were matched to each other. Therefore I concluded based on the result of my study the latent print that serve as my questioned fingerprint is the left middle finger impression of Ms.Honey Carl Poligrates y Maputol alias Cacarl. CONCLUSION:

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