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The integrated approach is intradisciplinary ,interdisciplinary , and transdisciplinary . In an integrated approach, there are no walls that clearly separate one subject from the rest. INTEGRATED APPROACH

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Intradisciplinary Approach Is observed when teachers integrate the sub disciplines within a subject area. Interdisciplinary Teaching Is done when i teach science concepts in teaching reading skills in language and when i teach concepts in araling panlipunan in teaching reading and writing skills in Filipino. Transdisciplinary Approach teachers will organize curriculum around students’ questions and concerns.

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Problem-based Learning (PBL) It is the learning that results from the process of working toward the understanding of the resolution of a problem. this is also known as project - based learning or place-based learning. Three Steps: Teachers and students select a topic of study based on students interest ,curriculum standards ,and local resources. The teacher finds out what the students already know and helps them generate questions to explore. Students share their works with others in a culminating activity.

Appropriate Learning Activities in the different phases of the Lesson:

Introductory/opening/initiatory activities The opening activities are supposed to serve as starters, as the unfreezing activities to make the students feel at ease, to motivate the students to participate and to set the tone for the day. they are liken “preparing the ground "before sowing or planting. Opening activities serve as launching pad for the days lesson. Appropriate Learning Activities in the different phases of the Lesson

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KWL( Know , Want to Know , Learned ) Video clips from a news story that relates to content Editorial from a current newspaper related to a lesson Posing a scientific problem and require students to formulate a hypothesis or predict whats going to happen next Cartoon or comic strip to the topic Game Simulation Puzzle, brain teaser Mysterious scenario Song followed by its analysis Picture without a caption Quotable quotes

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Anecdote Compelling stories from history, literature related to course content Current events to introduce curricular topic Diagnostic test Skit, role playing Voting Rank ordering Values continuum Devils advocates Conflict stories Brainstorming Buzz session Interactive computer Question and answer

Developmental Activities :

Developmental Activities For Data-gathering Interview Library research Internet research Reading Lecture-but don't abuse it ! inviting resource speakers Field trip Experiment Panel discussion Hands-on learning Case study

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For organizing and summarizing Using graphic organizer Jingles, rap, song Verses Acrostic Power point presentation For application/creative activities Solving real-word problems Performances and demonstrations of skill mastery Authentic projects Portfolios of students Letters to the editor Power point presentations

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Brochures Writing and performing News report for a local news program Television talk show Mock debates and mock trials Mock job interviews Personal narratives Cartoon, comic strips Organizing a symposium