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GEM Engserv has years of experience in providing End to End Project Management Consulting Services in all types of buildings, terminals, Transportation, Marine Structures, Defense, Hotels, Environmental Projects etc. We give you tailored services according to your needs and assist our clients to give the opinion and define their project needs. We have an excellent reputation for successfully delivering projects on time, on budget and maintaining require quality standards.


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Project Quality Management Services in Construction In todays modern construction practices quality management services is essential part of construction industry. Quality management services ensures the quality and productivity of any construction project. It is basically a way of thinking about the concept, visualization and achievement of goals . It is the concept in which organization, processes and people are interwoven in the correct format so that right things are done rightly at the correct time. Quality management services for any projects gives emphasis on innovation and adaptation of new technology to improve quality . Quality management in construction is closely related to satisfying the requirements mentioned in the project contract completing the project time, fulfilling the clients requirements within budget avoiding the disputes and claims and ensuring the faculties performs its intended purpose.


GEM Engserv is a specialist consulting company operated by senior construction professionals providing specialist consulting services to major construction and real estate industries. At GEM our professional QC Engineers dedicated to enhance quality and safety in construction projects varying from real estate to commercial construction infrastructure project . Quality command is prior, thus making quality management extremely critical to operation. We guide organization to set up quality processes at both corporate and project level and provide third party quality control services using state of art SMS based reporting system. Quality Management Services Included Set up process for an organization at the corporate level in line with requirement of ISO 9001. Advise on creation of quality management system, covering both product and process quality. Provide full time third party quality control services. Provide QC Engineers on Deputation.


Quality of concrete construction depends on many factors. From the selection of construction materials to the curing of the structural member, each and every step must be carried to maintain the quality requirement of the project. Any deviation from the required quality may result in failure of the structure or may impose penalty on the contractor for not maintaining the quality. Quality of concrete construction includes steps for maintaining the required strength of concrete within the deviation permitted and construction of a durable structure. A concrete member may have the required strength just after the construction, but if it not compacted well, the surface may be porous, and corrosion of reinforcement starts which reduces the life span of the structure. So, durability should also be an important part of the construction management system.


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