Aluminium a Blessing in Disguise

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slide 1: Aluminium a Blessing in Disguise Extrusions of aluminium is initiated by raising the temperature adequately high and is vigorously dipped in dyes that work on complex hydraulic system under extensive pressure. The process of extrusions has many plus points that make aluminium fit for different products they will be used for. Despite being ductile and flexible aluminium extrusions are very light in weight hence it’s a number one choice in the assembly of aviation parts in the shipping industry automobile industry and also in construction. Aluminium is able to be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking or cracking. It can make into sheets and can be easily welded and be made into desired shapes and sizes. Hence it used in day to day and industrial products. Aluminium extrusion is the process where aluminium can be treated and be used for creating finished products and parts. Fixed profiles are given to products and parts in this process. Cross-sections are created by chemically treating the aluminium the use of aluminium dyes. Aluminium extrusions simplify the creation of sections that have complicated cross sections and can be used for various purposes. Aluminium can easily be transformed to a hollow cavity with the help of a simple but effective flat dye. Aluminium window manufacturers use this treatment to easily create thin and lasting window frames and sliders. This systematic series of mechanised and/or chemical operations that are performed can also only be used in other materials like ceramics other metals and in some cases also in edible products. Aluminium sliding windows are cost effective and can be easily fitted without a lot of noise and dust whereas in the making of traditional wooden windows make a lot of saw dust which requires too much of cleaning. Aluminium windows prices have not changed over the course of time. This is mainly because of the new improved process of manufacturing and processing aluminium. It still remains as the most used materials for the making of windows and its cost. Aluminium is also very commonly pressed as utensils because of its affordability. Other circumstances that make aluminium favourable: The property of being rust resistant increases the use of aluminium in constructing towers and bridges and other structures. Aluminium is great with electric products that need to be non-magnetic. It is very commonly used in the axel of electric motors. Aluminium can sustain a lot of pressure when it is crafted to the right thickness thus is used in products where weight reduction and strength is required.

slide 2: Aluminium in many countries contributes in making the environment clean by avoiding the bi-products of making aluminium in the process of recycling. Reusing aluminium is very simple all companies have to do is gather used aluminium scraps and melt and remould it according to the desired product. Because this method of recycling involves re-melting the metal it consumes lesser capital and also requires fewer labours. This process also conserves a lot of energy resources as it ’s eliminates the process of mining and processing dyeing.